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12 Bachelor Party Ideas

Usually, when we talk about bachelor party ideas in Montreal, or any place for that matter, the first thing that comes to mind are strippers. However, bachelor parties don’t always have to be like that. If he’s not into pole dancing girls or you want to try something different, then the following ideas can be a great alternative.

Poker or Other Card Games

Get the guys together for Texas Hold ‘Em, and set the buy in at two bucks or so. Prepare some beer, grill some steaks or hotdogs and you’ve got the party ready. You’re not limited to Texas Hold Em of course, with an endless variety of card games providing a whole evening of fun and intrigue.


Not all guys are into golf, but if the groom is a keen golfer then a day at the course can be a brilliant way to celebrate his bachelor party. Simultaneously fun and challenging, golf is also a great way to relax and socialize, with the game’s nonchalant pace allowing for much conversation and a steady approach to the day.


Drinking beers around the camp, playing the guitar, telling jokes, hiking, and enjoying the fresh air and the stars in the sky, camping is a wonderful way to spend some quality time as a group of friends. Just make sure you’ve got the essential camping gear, and you and the guys will be good to go.

Go on a Road Trip

Allow the groom to choose his favourite destination, such as Atlantic City, Vegas, Graceland or others, and you have yourself a cheaper variant of a holiday. It’s a great way to see the country and often, the journey itself is as fun as reaching the destination.

Whiskey Tasting

You can arrange for a private tasting at whiskey bars, providing you with an experience of some fine quality alcohol, alongside the opportunity to gain some knowledge on this traditional liquor. It’s not the cheapest bachelor party option, but it’s certainly a significant step up from going to the same old cheap bars.

Play Video Games

If the gang is into video games, then a great low-key way to spend a bachelor party can be an evening of playing GTA, Doom or NBA2K16. Video games aren’t just for kids anymore, and there’s a lot of fun, competitive spirit to be found in a gaming session.


If money is of no concern, then heading to a ski lodge can be a truly exceptional bachelor party experience. Skiing is fun, with lots of relaxation and adrenaline to be found in equal measures, and this enjoyment is multiplied when you’ve got friends along with you.

Beach House Fun

Renting a beach house isn’t actually an expensive option if everyone contributes, and is a lot more cozy than a hotel. This alternative also gives you the freedom to go swimming, drinking, and to let your hair down in your own private accommodation.

Paintball Wars

Paintballing always gets everybody pumped up, and is a particularly good option if the groom is a bit of a child at heart. There are lots of Paintball guns to choose from, and many establishments offering the activity in different envrionments. If you follow through with this idea, perhaps it could be a good idea to make sure that the groom’s team wins in the end (without him knowing that you’re letting him win!).

Whitewater Rafting

If the groom is into watersports and adventure – or even if he isn’t – a day out white water rafting can provide a memorable experience, with adrenaline aplenty. There are lots of websites, companies and organizations that offer affordable and guided rafting packages, regardless of your level of experience.


Is whitewater rafting too tame for him? Is he – and the group – willing to splurge some more for an experience that will never be forgotten? Then skydiving might be your thing. With this activity on many peoples’ bucket lists, it’s sure to make his bachelor party truly stand out from the rest.

Cigar Tasting

It doesn’t hurt to splurge every now and then, and there’s nothing quite like lighting up an expensive cigar on the last few days before the wedding day. Even if the groom doesn’t smoke, he may still wish to indulge on this special occasion.


Those are just some ideas for a bachelor’s party, and there are so many more to be found. The best approach is to carefully consider the groom’s individual personality, and consider how he would wish to celebrate his final blow out with his friends before his wedding day. Whichever option you end up choosing, just make sure that it fits the groom’s taste and your group dynamic, and everyone should have a wonderful time.

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