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4 Spa Services


Even those of us who are very good at dealing with stress could use a weekend at the spa.  There are many different types of services you can get at a great Euro-spa, which can not only help to relieve stress but can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health, too.


Obviously you can schedule a massage (or two) at every spa where you might book a stay.  Yes, every spa in the world probably offers some form of massage to help you relax or to relieve some painful tension.  However, you should look into the different types of massage available, as they each can help with specific physical ailments.

For one, you should know that the most common type of massage throughout the world is “Swedish massage.”  Of course, this modality was originally developed in Sweden but that is pretty much as far as the name goes.  The reason this type of massage is so popular is that it employs three different stroke types with consistent, medium pressure to every muscle group of the body.  It is the most consistently effective massage modality for relieving stress and tension.


In some cases relaxing the body is not enough.  Yes, it feels really good to let go of physical stress, but most of us, these days, have mental stress or emotional stress, too.  This comes from work and family and hunger and social lives and so many other things pulling at us from every direction.  Meditation helps, then, to simply calm the mind. It can provide clarity to improve decision making, for one. And if you meditate through practices like yoga, you will appreciate both meditative mental states as well as physical relaxation. And just like there are many modalities of massage, there are also several different types of meditation as well.


Some spas will also offer a specific type of body work known as lymphatic drainage. The lymph system is a natural network in the body which connects nodes—or glands—that with various organs in order to communicate infection, injury, or other stress.  If you have an infection or injury in your mouth or neck, for example, the lymph nodes in the neck will swell.


Finally, when you visit a spa you might also enjoy dermatology services. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and, as such, as quite vulnerable to toxins and pollutants from the environment (but you also excrete waste through your skin in the form of sweat). Dermatological treatments, then, help to serve to work in tandem with massage and meditation to help purify and balance your body’s largest organ.


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