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5 Great Places for Seniors to Meet and Make Friends


As people grow older, there’s the unfortunate likelihood that they will begin to feel the ebb of loneliness. Frequent visits from children and grandchildren can help of course, and the company and support of home care is important, but often seniors will crave something more. After all, we tend to live busy lives, and though we may spend as much time with our loved ones as possible, we can only do so much.

As such, it can often help to suggest a few places for your parents, grandparents or family friends to visit where they can have fun, pass the time and meet new people. Here are five great places for seniors to meet and make friends:

  1. Dancing events

Dancing events such as ballroom or waltz classes are perfect spots for seniors to have fun while meeting new people. One of the most vital parts of elderly care is to keep patients engaged and present in the moment. Dancing releases tension, cures boredom, and energises the body. Aside from its health benefits, dancing also restores the mind and the heart, encourages socialisation, and uplifts the spirit.

  1. Fitness classes

Fitness should be a priority regardless of age, gender or generation. Like dancing events, fitness classes improves one’s mental, physical, and emotional health by releasing endorphins and stimulating blood flow to the muscles. Introducing your loved one to fitness classes at least once or twice a week will inevitably see his or her health and wellbeing significantly improve.

  1. Travel groups

Another exciting activity for seniors to take part in is sightseeing with a travel group. Those living in a hospice need to get outside and enjoy a good dose of vitamin D every once in a while. Traveling or exploring the outdoors exposes the body to sunlight and fresh air, which of course provides plenty of essential health benefits that might otherwise be neglected. Another benefit of travelling with a group is the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Seniors need interaction now more than ever.

  1. Gardening clubs

There’s so much to learn and experience when joining gardening groups. There’s also something about the budding of a flower or the sprouting of a plant that feeds the spirit. If your loved one is in hospice care, take the time to research the surrounding community and get in touch with a local gardening club. These are dotted all over, readily welcoming gardening novices, hobbyists and enthusiasts of all ages to come along and get planting.

  1. Book circles

If none of the above categories seem to suit your loved one’s interests, don’t fret. You can still entice them to join a book group. Adult day care frequently offer these sessions, where seniors can enjoy the comforts of the indoors while still mingling with other people. Reading is a great way to nurture the mind and express the soul, and book circles can often be the perfect place for seniors to occupy their time and share their thoughts.

Another good place to check out is assisted living residences or facilities. Here, they provide a holistic approach to senior care, where the focus is on making sure your loved ones are happy and comfortable. For more information, contact us.

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