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5 Must Have CrossFit Equipment Pieces

The CrossFit gym and workout movement has swept across North America, and if you have ever met with one of their success stories you might quickly understand why.  As you might know, CrossFit can be quite effective at helping people to get into the best shape of their lives; but more importantly, the rigorous workouts truly help to improve health.

If you are already a fan of CrossFit, though, you might be considering setting up a home gym so you can supplement your social workouts at the gym with some private time at home.  As such, here are some of the most important pieces of Platinum Rig equipment you will need to start your CrossFit workouts at home.Image result for 5 Must Have CrossFit Equipment Pieces

#1—the Olympic Barbell

This is, perhaps, the most important piece of independent equipment that every home CrossFit fan should have.  The Olympic barbell, obviously, lets you execute lifts, but you may be able to work more muscle groups than you think.  In addition, the Olympic barbell can easily be upgraded with more bumper plates as you get stronger.

For your information, the standard Olympic barbell weighs 20 kg (for men. It is 15 kg for women, who are also designed to fit in smaller hands).  Also, you should know to get a bar with a 150,000 PSI but avoid ones with knurling

#2—Barbell Bumper Plates

You don’t necessarily have to use these solely on the barbell, but these are the weights that you put on the ends to increase the value of your lifts. Because you can use them in other ways, though, they are important equipment for all kinds of exercises.

#3—the Pull-Up Bar and/or the Power Rack

You can set up a pull-up bar in one of two ways, basically.  You can mount a bar on the wall or from the ceiling or you can purchase a squat stand with a pull up extension.  You can also opt for specialty equipment like a Platinum Rig Power Rack.  Either way, you will find that the pull up bar offers yet more variety for your workouts.

#4—the Squat Box

Used in plyometrix, this piece of equipment looks like steps. Varying in height from 12 to 24 inches, these are good for box jumps, squats, step ups, and more.

#5—Medicine Ball

Aside from bumper plates, you can always use medicine balls to increase the weight of any workout. However, the medicine ball can serve as its own piece of equipment, too.  They are excellent for core workouts like push-ups and planking.

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