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9 Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids This Christmas


Kids, irrespective of their age await for the Christmas holidays eagerly all year. Relieved from school work and other educational activities, they wait enthusiastically for Santa Claus to bring them gifts. Their joy and excitement knows no bound as they put their all, in decorating the Christmas tree, hanging stockings, and lighting up each and every corner of the house. While the children look forward toward the festival, they especially love receiving gifts on this occasion. For them, these are not just presents, but a tradition and memories in making, which they will cherish all their lives.

Christmas is synonymous with magic for children when Santa brings them gifts from his cold, North Pole home. They love keeping cookies and milk underneath the Christmas tree for the fictional portly man and squeal with delight on Christmas morning while opening presents. However, given that the parents are the ones, who are actually buying these gifts, it becomes a hard task for them to surprise their kids with unique presents every year, especially in the absence of any magical superpowers of their own. To relieve you of this unnecessary stress, here are 11 unique gift ideas for kids, from which you can choose this Christmas.

  1. Korean Red Ginseng Tonic:

Strengthen your kid’s immunity this Christmas, with the Korean Red Ginseng Tonic. While your child might not be thrilled with this health oriented Christmas gift, the tonic laden with ginseng extract will prove very beneficial for them. Although Korean Red Ginseng tonic comes with a naturally bitter taste, the flavor is toned down for easier consumption for the kids.

Winter brings with it a spate of viral fever, influenza, and cold, for old and young. While the adults can resist the virus to an extent, kids fall sick more easily. Ginseng extracts’ immune boosting capabilities will however, protect your child from all such seasonal diseases and infection, keeping them hale and hearty to enjoy Christmas.

Apart from that, the adaptogenic herb also stimulates metabolism, promotes cognitive functioning, counters fatigue, and helps your child keep up with the study pressure and perform well in academics. The tonic has also exhibits anti-obesity properties and can be used effectively for weight loss. The market is filled with Korean Red Ginseng tonic for kids of all ages. So, go ahead and pair it with another more lucrative gift and celebrate a healthy Christmas with your children this year.

  1. Fish Tail Blankets:

A popular item among kids of all ages, the tail blanket provides warmth during the cold days of Christmas, apart from helping the children grow a fictional fish tail, made of wool or soft fleece fabric. Fish Tail blankets are similar to normal blankets, except that they resemble the tail of a fish. It makes sleeping a fun activity and motivates the kids to go to bed at a designated time. From Killer Whale tail blankets to mermaid tail blankets, these quilts are available in a multitude of colors and forms, for children of all ages and gender.

  1. Ginseng Memory Enhancers:

Ginseng, especially Korean Red Ginseng is popular for its memory improving capabilities. Help your child enhance his/her concentration and cognitive abilities by gifting natural memory enhancing supplements containing ginseng extract. The ginseng will sharpen their memory and will also help them focus more on their studies. Apart from that, ginseng also comes with metabolism boosting capabilities and thus, provides additional energy to the kids. Mix the ginseng memory enhancer with your child’s favorite shake or smoothie, to improve memory and overall health.

  1. Remote Control Wall Climbing Car:

Remote control racing cars have always been a favorite of the kids and are quite common in every household. Standard remote controlled cars can run only on the floors. However, a wall climbing remote control car can race on the floor as well as on the walls. Your kid and his friends will love this gift, as the additional feature expands the area of the racing track, from floors to the steep walls.

  1. Flavored Korean Red Ginseng Health Drinks:

Kids are extremely fussy when it comes to eating or drinking healthy food. Parents make promises and present them with incentives to make them eat healthy food items. Children’s aversion towards these types of food comes from the fact that they are generally not as tasty as junk food. To avert such dislike , flavored Korean Red Ginseng health drinks were introduced in the market. Gift a pack of these drinks and see with wonder how your kid finishes glass after glass of this much beneficial health supplement. These healthy drinks are rich in saponins or ginsenosides and acts as a potent adaptogen and a source of vital nutrients. Ginseng rich health drinks are available in the flavors of apple, grapes, strawberries, and more. Pick your preferred flavor and celebrate a nutritious Christmas.

  1. Heat Changing Mug:

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” is a famous dialogue from the movie franchise Harry Potter, when the Marauder’s Map was introduced. Working on a similar concept, the heat changing mug only displays the design etched on the outside when it comes in contact with heat from the inside.  As soon as a hot beverage is poured inside the mug, the external portion displays a hidden message, desing, or picture. Gift this magically illuminating mug to your kid and see their eyes fill up with wonder on the occasion of Christmas.

  1. Emoji Lunchbox:

Kids these days are exposed to technology since they are born. Unlike their parents, they are familiar with gadgets and new technology from a very young age. With most of our communication taking place these days over smartphones and internet powered messaging services, emojis and emoticons have become an integral part of our lives. Kids have also become well versed in this matter and know which emoji denotes what. Thus, an emoji lunch box could serve as a perfect Christmas gift for your kids. These lunch boxes are popular among kids and are absolutely adorable. From a smiley emoji to a “crying with laughter” emoji, the lunch boxes are available in a number of options, for gifting purposes.

  1. Cape Towels:

If not all, most superheroes wear capes with their uniforms, such as Batman, Superman, Thor, and many more. Make your kid feel like a superhero this Christmas, with a superhero cape towel, to making bath time exciting. See them zoom around the house with the cape towel tied around them, pretending to be legendary superheroes, they read while growing up. Pick your kid’s favorite superhero emblemed cape towel and stash it under the Christmas tree, to wake up to a bright and happy Christmas morning.

  1. Herbal Candy:

As a parent your natural instinct towards candy has always been negative. Due to its high sugar content and averse effect on teeth, candy has always been seen as a unhealthy snack for children. However, herbal candies are a far cry from commercial candies as they are loaded with nutrients and promotes overall health. Herbal candies made out of Korean Red Ginseng extract packs in all the goodness of the plant and also serves as an excellent sweet treat for the kids. Tasty and healthy, the ginseng herbal candies are generally sugar free and thus, takes care of your kid’s dental health and also prevents sugar rush from taking place. This year make herbal candies a part of your Christmas goodies, and gift a pack to your children, to their utmost surprise.


Christmas gifting is a stressful activity, especially with kids. We have to keep in mind their innocence as well as expectations and buy a gift which is both unique and appropriate for them. Each year, it thus becomes increasingly difficult to come up with new gifting ideas. However, the above-mentioned ideas have been listed to help you choose the correct gift for your kid this coming Christmas. Choose the Korean Red Ginseng tonic or pair up the flavored Korean Red Ginseng Health Drink with the heat changing mug, and celebrate a healthy Christmas this year.





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