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A Dental Laboratory Can Provide the Materials for a Beautiful Smile


When someone has spent years grinding teeth back and forth on hard substances, the result is often a set of discoloured teeth that are broken in some places and loose in others. The teeth need the care of a cosmetic dentist and a multi-faceted dental laboratory. Ugly teeth can change your smile and affect friendships, business relationships, and most importantly, a person’s health.

A dental laboratory has staffs that are both scientists and artists. From the technicians, through the prescriptions of the dentists, aesthetically pleasing teeth are developed. The laboratory can produce:

Dentures are for people whose teeth are missing or beyond a reasonable repair. Some people are born with soft teeth and others have them broken or damaged through sports accidents or motor vehicle accidents. Dentures are a solution for those who want a fast and relatively inexpensive replacement smile that can be obtained in just one day.

For persons who are missing just one or two teeth from a mishap or intense decay, partial dentures or bridges may be an attractive solution. Partials are soft moulds that are made similar to dentures, having a gum area and a custom fitted frame, but they aren’t a complete set of teeth. Some partials require dental adhesive for a tight fit but others, depending on which teeth are replaced, can be placed in the mouth and fit very smoothly.

Bridges close a gap between existing teeth and space in between. Bridges can fit like a partial or can be built from metal. They hook onto the remaining teeth and have a matching false tooth in between. If a gap is left between teeth, the rest of the teeth will shift, affecting the bite and alignment of the mouth. Dreamworks Dental Laboratory can make custom teeth that will look and function just like the previous teeth that are replaced.

Orthodontic appliances are created to straighten and realign teeth in order to correct an overbite, an under bite, or crooked, gappy teeth. Braces come in three forms: metal bands that surround the teeth, braces that bond to the front of the teeth, and braces that bond to the back of the teeth. Braces can be clear and almost invisible, or they can be bright and colourful, with a unique look all their own.

Crowns are caps for teeth that cover broken or misshapen teeth. Caps are custom stained and colour to match the remaining teeth. Caps strengthen the surrounding teeth while covering a damaged tooth. Caps are bonded to the tooth, made of a special ceramic, and help the bite in the mouth stay aligned. Caps help create a beautiful smile while also creating a healthy bite.

Veneers are custom coatings for the teeth that are matched perfectly to give a bright, white smile. Veneers are very fine sheets of porcelain that provide a support shell for the underlying teeth. Veneers can be moulded to change the shape of a tooth, for one that is spiky or crooked, or can be used to change the size of the tooth.

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