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A Personal Story: My Reasons for Rhinoplasty

One of my biggest insecurities and things that made me feel less confident about myself was my long, crooked nose. Unfortunately, it was the one thing I got from my father, since his side of the family is marked by that prominent facial feature. While I was able to go through most of my teenage years without thinking too much about it, once I went to college, I noticed a couple of breathing problems and realized I had to do something about it.

Aesthetic Reason

First, I wanted to feel good about myself and not have to be ashamed of my nose anymore. As I’ve decided to pursue a career in television as a TV host, it was clear to me that I needed to work on my physical appearance. At first, I was telling myself I wouldn’t need any big procedure to make me look prettier, but as it turned out I was wrong. The more I got involved with the television industry, the more I was sidelined from jobs involving work in front of the camera. Despite all of my efforts to hide my crooked nose, I was still left with an unattractive look. Even the almighty make-up and contouring techniques all the bloggers and youtubers swear upon didn’t work, so I was left with only one option ‒ rhinoplasty.I’ve done some research and found out that rhinoplasty can fix both aesthetic and medical problems, which I was also facing.3

Medical Reason

The second reason for doing rhinoplasty was the fact that I had difficulty breathing. As it turned out, I had a deviated septum, which was a consequence of a mild accident I had back in high school. The internal cartilage in my nose had shifted and prevented me from breathing easily. Eventually, I couldn’t breathe properly and I was snoring during my sleep.What’s more, I started having headaches, which was the consequence of sinusitis that was also caused by my deviated septum. The problems just kept piling up, so I decided to look up the experiences of others online, and see what I can expect. While I hoped to see only the best, I have to say that many people cared more about saving the money than opting for a professional licensed surgeon, and ended up with twice as worse results. This was just one of the reasons I decided to talk to a highly professional plastic surgeon and see what I should expect from rhinoplasty.

I turned to Dr Tony Prochazka, and he introduced me to all the risks that the procedure might have, as well as to the results that I could end up with. He warned me that I might experience nosebleeds and a numb nose as well as a bad reaction to anaesthesia, since I’ve never had surgery before and he couldn’t have known how I would react to the surgery. Nevertheless, after he’d showed me pictures of the patients that have undergone rhinoplasty,I didn’t have to think twice.

Final Thoughts

Doing rhinoplasty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Not only do I look great, but I’ve gotten the job I always wanted and I can breathe easily without waking the whole house with my snoring. However, I have to say that the post-operative period wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, so be prepared for a couple of painful days, or maybe even weeks. What’s more, be sure to consult with a professional before deciding to do rhinoplasty, so that you know if you’re the right candidate and what the risks you might face.

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