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An Excellent Guide On How To Respond Dental Emergencies Quickly                        

Oral health problems may include knocked out teeth, fractured or loosened teeth. Besides this, gums, cheeks, and lips often get cut. Such injuries are painful and must be treated by professional dentist immediately.

What To Do When Your Tooth Is Avulsed?

If you find a broken, fractured, or loosened tooth or you have other oral health issues such as knocked out teeth, you must visit the dentist for diagnosis.

Handle the tooth carefully by crown and not the root because touching the root may damage the cells, which are important for bone reattachment. Besides this, you should gently rinse the infected tooth in water for removing dirt. Don’t even think about scrubbing it.

After that, make sure that the tooth has moisture, letting it dry can lead to intense pain. In case storing the tooth in mouth is not possible, you should wrap it in a clean gauze or cloth and immerse in saliva or milk.Image result for How To Respond Dental Emergencies Quickly

Steps To Follow If Tooth Goes Out Of Position

  1. In case your tooth goes out of the normal position, you should try to reposition it by using slight pressure of your finger. However, make sure that you don’t push your tooth else it may bleed.
  2. If the above solution doesn’t work, you should bite down for keeping it from moving.

What To Do If Tooth Gets Fractured?

  1. Rinse it with Luke warm water.
  2. Use cold compress or an ice pack for reducing swelling.
  3. Immediately visit your dentist for help. He will determine the correct treatment as per the level of injury. You can visit any of the experienced and popular Carrollton Texas dentist, and be sure that you are in safe hands.

Types of Tooth Fracture

  • Minor Fracture

Such fractures can be simply left alone or can be corrected by your dentist. Another way is restoring your tooth with composite restoration. In any case, you must treat your tooth carefully for at least a week.

  • Moderate Fracture

Such fractures include injury to dentin or pulp( live tissues and nerve) and damage to enamel. In case you are lucky enough and the pulp is not completely damaged, your tooth can be corrected with a permanent crown on it. If there is complete damage to pulp, a complete dental surgery will be required.

  • Severe Fracture

In these cases, the chances of tooth recovery are quite bleak and you either have to go without tooth or you can go ahead with an artificial one.

What to do when tissues get damaged?

Injuries inside your mouth may include puncture wounds, tears, and lacerations to lips, tongue or cheek. The wound must be cleaned immediately with Luke warm water and the injured person should be admitted to emergency room for necessary care. Bleeding from the tongue can be prevented by pulling out the tongue out of mouth and using the gauze for placing pressure on wound.                        

Some To Dos

There may be some emergency situations where the problem is not clear-cut like a broken or knocked out tooth, for that you need to be prepared for handling such situations. Following are some suggestions on the same:

  1. Keep dentist’s phone number handy
  2. Prepare an emergency dental care kit having handkerchief, a container with lid, gauze, ibuprofen (not an aspirin as that is an anticoagulant, causing excessive bleeding during dental emergency cases).                        

Last but not the least, to ensure that such situations don’t occur you must visit the dentist at regular intervals. This will ensure great oral health and a wonderful smile throughout your life.

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