Anavar is a steroid which is most effective one for cutting cycles. It helps a person in achieving toned and ripped body.This steroid is used by many athletics and bodybuilders to enhance the performance and achieve muscle mass. Anavar also helps in burning excess fat from the body. Many steroids are discontinued by the FDA.

Legal for medical use under prescription

The usage of Anavar is legal is it is purchased using prescription. In many countries the steroid Anavar is legal to use only with prescriptions as it is anabolic androgenic steroid. In many countries it is classified under schedule III controlled substance so that one will not misuse or overuse the same. Anabolic androgenic steroids come with many benefits in the medical condition and in recovering from trauma. This steroid Anavar is not recommended for non-medical purposes like for bodybuilding.


Legal to use in few countries

The legal usage of Anavar totally depends on the state, government and the resources. It is not legal in many countries like US, Australia and Canada. It can be purchased legally only when a physician who is certified prescribes it. In many others countries Anavar is legal to purchase, sell and export and there is no need of any prescription. It many cause some legal complications when crossing the borders and it depends on the domestic laws. In few countries penalty and even imprisonment is given if a person is caught with anabolic steroids. If anavar is purchased without prescription, from other illegal sources like back market, then the person is putting his health at risk. Many steroids are discontinued by the FDA.

Anavar- Side effects

Anavar is a drug for which one gets addicted easily and it can cause the risk of abuse. So it can be misused, so one needs to get prescription to purchase legal anavar. Anavar is generally available in tablet form. The milligram strength of this drug is available legally as well as illegally. It comes in 2.5mg, 5mg and 10mg table. When looking at the anabolic properties anavar is considered to be potential and has less androgenic side effects. But the side effects which Anavar causes cannot be ignored and when taken in high dose, it comes with great side effects. The common side effects are lack of appetite, swings in the mood and muscle cramps. There will be change in the skin color sometimes. The long term effects which are serious by using anavar are Priapism, jaundice and fatigue.

In women virilisation is seen which can lead to enlargement of clitoris and growth of facial and body hair, irregular menstrual cycles and deeper voice. These side effects are reversible in some women after the usage of drug is stopped. Anavar can be used at high dose when it is combined with anabolic androgenic steroids. But it can damage many body parts and systems in which the side effects are irreversible. Before purchasing anavar legally, it is best to take the advice of a doctor and look the side effects and then purchase it.


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