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Aniracetam – A cognitive enhancer

Aniracetam is called a “big brother of Piracetam” which belongs to Racetam family of nootropic drugs. This smart drug is fat-soluble, it reaches the bloodstream quickly, and it encompasses high potency. On the other hand, as it has a short half-life, Aniracetam has to be taken often in order to gain the expected and continuous result. Aniracetam is a pure synthetic derivative and it does not occur in natural sources. This smart drug is five times potent when compared to Piracetam.

How does Aniracetam benefit?

Aniracetam excites AMPA, a brain receptor and starts to work. This effect makes Aniracetam as an anti-depression and anti-anxiety nootropic. It has been reported by the users that intake of Aniracetam improved their mood, health, memory, emotional stability and concentration. Some researches have found that it creates positive effects on behavior, cognition, anxiety, mental focus.

A brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor acts as a fertilizer to the brain in turn memory is enhanced greatly. This BDNF is a key ingredient to the brain that is essential for memory and learning.

Aniracetam is also a strong Neuroprotective agent. A study reported that persons who struggled with brain trauma had an improved memory and learning with the smart drug. Another study witnessed that this drug benefits by protecting the brain against trauma. As a Neuroprotective it is found to reduce the cognitive damage caused by brain strokes, electric shocks, and the drug usage.

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Common stacks of Aniracetam

Though Aniracetam is a highly potent smart drug, it never lasts long in the blood and up to 95% of the drug is left unabsorbed. In such condition, nootropic stacks are expected by the users.

Aniracetam and Racetam Stack – Piracetam has a longer half-life which has been selected as a stack of Aniracetam mostly.

Aniracetam Choline Stack – Choline & Aniracetam is a great nootropic stack. Cholinergic compounds are effective with most of the Racetam drugs in producing synergistic effect

Aniracetam dosage

1500 mg per day is the recommended Aniracetam dose. The same is advised to split into two doses each 750 mg, each one in the morning and evening. Using the drug in the late evening may cause insomnia. So, it is better to take the drug in the early afternoon. This nootropic drug is sold in the form of tablet and powder. Generally, Aniracetam 750 mg is available in the market.

Aniracetam side effects

Generally, all Racetam group of nootropic is safe for usage. Aniracetam too does not provoke major side effects. It has been shown that all animals and human being are well-tolerated with the smart drug. Life-long usage of Aniracetam also showed no harm to the hormones and reproductive systems. It does not show any mutagenicity or carcinogenicity in the long run. On a rare scale, people may get headache or brain fog. This side effect may be suppressed by using Choline supplements. At the recommended dosage, it does not produce any side effects. Nootriment site provides more details about the nootropic drug.

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