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Avoiding the Steroid Gut – Things You Must Know Before Taking Supplements

If you are a gym freak, you must have seen guys who have big beer bellies that are wrapped in well-defined muscles. Many of you wonder how they can be fat and clearly cut. Palumboism or steroid gut is the answer to this question. However, it is not much related to the anabolic steroids.

Know more about the steroid gut

The steroid gut is formed by plenty of supplements that work together to develop extended gut effect. Only the anabolic steroids cannot help you get a gut. The growth hormones and insulin are the main reasons behind steroid gut. If you take these supplements in moderation, there is nothing to be worried about. However, abusing the supplements might lead to life-threatening and dangerous side effects.

Excessive consumption of HGH will lead to abnormal growth inside your abdomen and chest. Such type of growth is known as the visceral growth and cause problem referred to as steroid gut. Not only this, you might notice growth in feet, face, hands etc. this hormone will not only help you gain muscle mass, but makes you huge everywhere.

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Is it right to consume insulin?

The bodybuilding industry has started using insulin since past several years. The supplement will help to develop muscle growth. However, it will also lead to the increased body fat and heavy water retention level in the body. The excessive consumption of any steroid is not good for your health. If the body is not able to digest it, it will get stored in the form of fat and expand.

The steroid gut is a reminder that the body may expand if you keep size on priority over other things. The side effects of these steroids could be managed effectively. However, moderation is the key to success. You have to understand the uniqueness of this condition from specific condition known as Buddha Belly.

Right approach to avoid steroid gut

It is easy to avoid this condition by following the right approach. To maintain a well toned stomach, try to pull rather than pushing your abdomen. If you eat too much after the workout, you are more likely to develop fat. Hence, it is important to watch your diet. Make sure that you limit the consumption of coffee and aerated drinks. Try to include as much of fibres as possible. You could also consult a dietician before proceeding ahead.


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