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Can Extensions Result in Hair Thinning?

The special moment of extensions is among the best stored beauty strategies of today’s women. However, couple of people understand the danger this growing beauty trend poses for permanent hair thinning. Signs and symptoms varying from blinding headaches, to patchy hair thinning or even permanent damage, are earning doctors warn women concerning the risks of extensions.

When celebrities use extensions to frequently change their look, women in huge figures, and men to some smaller sized extent, also begin to subscribe to this trend, turning extensions right into a multimillion pound industry.


The idea behind extensions is wonderful. You are able to boost the length or amount of hair simply by attaching either artificial or real hair towards the ends of your hair. Problems can result from the ways that you need to attach the additional hair for your own hair, and also the potential damage they may cause.

Methods to attach extensions vary from using:

Small clips,

Small metal rings which gets crimped on,

Using potentially dangerous glues, which could strip hair of their protective layers,

Sewing in bunches of extensions for your existing hair, that is weaved into rows.

Extensions have obtained lots of attention recently as more celebrities are encountering negative effects connected with lengthy-term use. For each star who walks lower the red carpet with lengthy flowing locks, you will find the celebrities who’ve endured irreparable damage to their personal natural heads of hair.

With time, the friction and tugging from the added weight in the scalp, may cause injuries towards the natural hair follicle, and hair thinning can happen. Any chemical or mechanical management of your hair can harm at both root and also the shaft, causing it to interrupt, at, or simply over the extension joins. When the locks are brought out frequently enough, the follicle only will die, leading to hair thinning, an ailment referred to as Traction Alopecia.

Hair thinning experts have noticed that the periodic short-term putting on of weaves and extensions shouldn’t have any lengthy-lasting unwanted effects, however that sustained and continuous usage can lead to hair thinning problems.


Women experiencing hair thinning and damage brought on by extensions must have the extensions removed as quickly as possible. Lots of women discover that the harm leaves their very own hair unsightly, as well as their first thought may be to replace it all with further extensions – regrettably this can only aggravate the issue and also to prevent permanent hair thinning you need to avoid carrying this out.

A trip to a beautician is going to be enough to fix the hair’s appearance when the damage is not bad, although it should take an impressive alternation in hair do to get rid of broken hair. But with time, it ought to re-grow normally and healthily without getting to turn to medical intervention.

Extensions can completely improve your appearance for that better, but generally it’s not recommended to depart them set for too lengthy.

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