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Getting in Shape: How Long Does it Take?

You’ve seen the ads and the infomercials for exercise programs and machines that would help you get in shape in 6 weeks or less. Even though I’m skeptic about instant weight loss miracles, a small part of me wonders why I’m not getting in shape as fast as the models …

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The Secret to Having A Memory Like Bradley Cooper’s From The Movie Limitless

NZT 28 was a miracle drug, which Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) consumed in the movie limitless that gave him a bolstered mental capacity and heightened IQ. After taking the drug, the protagonist is able to experience a significantly better memory, speed up thoughts and an enhanced ability to learn, think, …

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Weight problems Surgery Risks To Understand

To be able to slim down, you have to have serious changes for your lifestyle. Excess fat is really a risk by itself. It is proven to be a significant reason for diabetes, stroke, heart illnesses and some kinds of cancers. Weight problems can seriously damage an individual’s quality of …

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