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Cigarettes VS Medical Cannabis: Which One Is Safer?

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In this day and age, many people are using medical marijuana for various medical conditions. However, there is also a chance of some people using it because they are addicted to it. The best part of using medical marijuana is that it is much less addictive and harmless. So, if you are someone who is addicted to marijuana then for you, medical cannabis is a great option because it provides them with what they want and that is the euphoric feeling with each and every drag without doing much harm to their bodies. Now, many are addicted to cigarettes. However, cigarettes are far more dangerous. Smoking is injurious to health has become a widely prevalent line. But still many use cigarettes to get a good feeling. In this article, let’s discover how using medical marijuana is far better than dragging cigarettes.

Medical Marijuana Is Prescribed By The Doctor

Have you ever seen or heard a doctor prescribing cigarettes? You definitely not and you will definitely never. Moreover, doctors advise you to quit cigarettes because it is too dangerous for our health causing cancer and lots of other diseases. On the other hand, doctors prescribe medical cannabis for lots of reason. If medical marijuana was that harmful to your health then doctors would have never prescribed it.

Cigarettes Smell Foul

When you take a drag of a cigarette in the public place, you will get noticed by the public because of the smell it produces. It almost chokes the person who smells it. However, cannabis produces less smell. So, your drags of medical marijuana in the public places will go unnoticed.

Also, medical marijuana can give you a whole lot more euphoric feeling than cigarettes. Thus, it is a wiser decision to quit smoking cigarettes and take up marijuana for medical purpose.

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