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Common symptoms that shows the dogs is suffering from Cataracts

Cataracts happen when a white layer is covered on the eyes of dogs. It occurs when a dog is getting older. The https://www.petinsuranceu.com/cataracts-in-dogs/ has the list of dogs that are having problems of Cataracts. Here are some symptoms that tell if the dog is suffering from cataract or not.

  1. Cloudy grey-bluish eyes: The eyes are covered with an outer layer which is visible to others. It stops the visuals and the dogs roam around only through smelling and hearing voices. The owner can easily see that their lovely dog is unable to walk clearly like they used to.


  1. Clumsy movements: Without proper vision, any person would find it hard to move around. Same things happen with dogs suffering from cataracts. Everything seems to look very blurry and they are only finding places which can comfort them. They can be always be found roaming in front on lights near the walls. This is the common condition to see dogs walking sliding against the walls.
  2. Increased eye blinking: In order to get proper vision the dogs will be blinking more than usual. They will be blinking very fast which an owner would find interesting at first place. But this is just the starting. Sometimes owners might find that something must have gone inside the eyes and the dog is trying to take it out. Hence the story behind regular blinking is different.
  1. Red eyes between whitish layers: when the eyes are covered with a white layer. The dog tries to find a way make the vision clear but instead ends up finding a different thing. It is the redness that looks a small spot but is a proof that the dog is suffering from cataracts. Mostly it looks scary but it is the dog who is getting more scared from the inside.
  1. Discharge in the eyes: Owners will find that the dog is crying frequently still when all the love and caring is providing to them. The dogs are not actually crying but they are on a stage where soon the white layer will be going to cover their eyes soon.
  1. Scratching the eye areas: Dogs do scratch themselves and it looks common. But the dogs are not always scratch near eye areas. They themselves understand that the eyes will get damaged if they do it unnecessarily. Only when there is a problem in the eyes then only they scratch to get rid of the problem.

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