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Different Ways Cats Show Affection And Overall Benefits

There are plenty of ways your cat shows that she loves you, even though people usually think that cats are heartless because they do not jump around and get as excited as dogs. That is not true, but you have to know how your cat shows her affection which is what this article has covered.

If you never had a cat, you might want to visit any reputable vet hospital in your area or check out Gordon Vet Hospital, where you can have a regular checkup for your furry little friend. You can also ask your vet about anything concerning your new family member.

Take proper care of your cat with regular veterinary visits

  1. The head-butting

You might have already heard about this and definitely seen a cat head-butt somebody because this is one of the most endearing traits that kitties show. When they rub against your body and head-butt you, that means much more than what people usually think. But head-butting their owner, your cat is leaving her pheromones on you, which means that she wants everyone to know that you are hers.

  1. Love bites

People tend to associate ting with something negative, but with cats, that is completely opposite. If your kitty is being playful and she loves to nibble you, then she is actually offering her affection. However, cats can also bite you out of fear and aggression which you will immediately be able to distinguish. The love nibbles are very ticklish, funny and the kitty is usually purring!

  1. Kneading

Usually, little kitties will knead their mom when they are nursing, and this behavior is something that stays with them even as they grow up. However, when they get older this is how they show their affection, and tells you that they are feeling loved and very comfortable. This is one of the most-known ways of cats showing affection

But keep in mind that taking care of a cat is not walk in the park, and while it is much easier to take care of a kitty than a dog you still need to know a couple of things. First of all, take your cat to a trusted vet, you could check out trusted West Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet Hospital, and have regular checkups, for both yours and the kitty’s health.

  1. Purring and following

Another well-known way cats show affection is by purring and following their owner. Your cat will purr when she is content, and when she follows you around the house she really wants your attention. Your kitty wants to spend more time with their owner, and they definitely enjoy your company! Also, do not be surprised if your cat suddenly brings you a dead gift!

There are plenty different cat breeds you can consider having

The benefits of owning a cat

If you have small children, there are plenty of benefits that come with owning a cat. Cats teach children about communication, respect, responsibility, and they are known as animals that help fight depression and anxiety. They are also very compassionate and can help their owners get over their lost loved one.

Final word

There are plenty of ways your cat will show her love, but they might be a bit more subtle and different than those of a dog. You just need to know the signs and get to know your kitty a bit better because all cats have different characteristics and they show their love in a special way.

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