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Don’t Fear A Colonoscopy: It Can Save Your Life


Bowel cancer, according to the Cancer Council of Australia, is the second most common type of cancer in both men and women. Also referred to as colorectal cancer, this usually affects individuals over the age of 50 and develops from polyps or tiny growths inside the colon or rectum. While not all polyps are cancerous, they should be removed to reduce your risk of developing bowel cancer.

are a number of tests used to diagnose bowel cancer, one of which is a colonoscopy. This is considered to be the best exam to test for bowel cancer.  It involves an examination of the large intestines and bowel area. This uses a colonoscope, a fibre optic video instrument that checks the rectum and the large bowel. This is inserted into the anus to help the doctor look for abnormal tissues. Screening with colonoscopy can help prevent the disease, and therefore save a patient’s life.


While not everyone needs a colonoscopy, those who are at the age of 50 should considering getting it. This is because many cases of colon cancer deaths happen after this age. Doctors, however, suggest doing it sooner (35 to 40 years old), especially if you have a first-degree relative with bowel or rectal cancer. It is also important to know that a colonoscopy is a reliable test that can help detect the earliest stage of colorectal cancer, as well as remove polyps before they become cancerous.

are the Common Inhibitions?

Many adults hesitate or neglect getting a colonoscopy, believing that it is painful and uncomfortable. If this is the same for you, it is good to know that patients are usually asleep or sedated during the procedure. The preparation of cleaning out the colon, for the most part, is what others dread most. Keep in mind that while this may seem burdensome, this will help the specialists take a better look, and therefore detect any problems.

Happens During the Procedure?

Preparing for a colonoscopy means cleaning out the waste in your large bowel. This involves using a kit with instructions or a special diet (consisting of laxatives and clear fluids). It is likely that you may be awake in the exam, but you will be given a light anaesthetic or a sedative injection before the procedure. You may need to lie on your side, but at some stage during the test, you will have to lie on your back. The whole procedure may take 20 to 45 minutes.

You Should Not Fear  A Colonoscopy?

It is usually misconceptions and the fear of the unknown that makes people forego the procedure. If you, however, talk to others who had discovered that they had the first stage of bowel cancer, they would surely tell you how glad they were that they took the screening test. Your doctor or specialist will explain the benefits and risks of the exam, as well as the result of the colonoscopy. You can always ask questions if some details are unclear to you.

You Overcome These Inhibitions?

Overcoming the barriers in getting a colonoscopy can be as simple as learning more about its benefits, especially in preventing bowel cancer. It is also beneficial to make an appointment in a clinic that provides state-of the-art facilities and a patient-friendly environment. This is to reduce or minimise the anxiety or the apprehension you may have about the test and the procedure.

Endoscopy is committed to providing quality endoscopy services, including colonoscopy. We have a team of specialists that provide the best quality of expertise that you can count on. We offer a colonoscopy to help you prevent bowel cancer and detect early stages of the disease. You can rely on our state-of-the-art facilities, latest equipment, as well as our professional staff. For more information about our services or to make an appointment, call us.

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