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Dr. Roger Olade – The Importance of Customized Treatment Plans for Patients Suffering from Trauma

Trauma both small or big due to accidents is devastating for everybody. Often the results of trauma damage the mental and physical health of a person completely. This is where medical intervention is needed so that the healing process is done in a specialized way. It is here that physicians in the field of internal medicine, critical care medicine and emergency care step in to help both the patient and his/her family through this challenging phase.

Dr. Roger Olade- helping patients and their families cope with mental and physical trauma

Dr. Roger Olade is an esteemed name in the field of internal medicine, emergency care, and critical care medicine. He has over two decades of invaluable experience in the above fields. He has completed a number of international fellowships across the world and is widely respected in the healthcare industry in Texas. He currently is associated with Genesis Health in Houston. He says that when a person suffers from an injury or trauma, there is a lot of internal pain. One might report nagging back pain and body ache. The physician here needs to treat every patient with care and compassion.

A systematic approach towards healthcare

Dr.Olade says that when it comes to the treatment of a trauma patient, the approach must be extensive and systematic. No two trauma patients are the same. Even though the case might be similar, every patient reacts uniquely. Some patients become victims of life-threatening health disorders and disease. They suffer from immense pain and agony from the incident. He says that in all cases, not only does the patient suffer but the family of the patient faces a tough ordeal as well. Therefore, it is the primary need and onus of the treating physician to be compassionate when communicating with the patient and his/her family.

Customized treatment plans and their importance

Customized treatment plans contain the course of action that doctors and nurses follow when it comes to the treatment of patients recovering from a trauma. Most of the time, these patients are kept in intensive care units. They need to be supported by tubes, machines and other forms of medical equipment for healing and recovery. These treatment plans need to evaluated frequently. There are cases where the health of a patient might suddenly deteriorate, so the customized healthcare plan for the patient should make provisions for such changes.

Dr. Roger Olade says that in the event of any trauma, the patient needs constant attention, care, and monitoring. He says that in the event of trauma, the families of the patient are confused and often find it emotionally difficult to deal with the situation. The physician needs to provide them with rock-solid support so that they can face the ordeal with faith and courage. Dr. Olade says the internal pain and agony for both the patient and family is immense. Doctors must guide them through the healing and recovery process in a personalized way so that they can cope with the challenges of life-threatening disease and disorders better!

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