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Fat Transfer Surgery: What You Should Know

Some people have the impression that some cosmetic surgery procedures are unnecessary but this is not true. As long as you have the cash and you need the procedure, you can go for any procedure you like. This is perfectly applicable to fat transfer surgery. Before discussing the pros and cons of this form of surgery, it is perfectly in order to understand what it surgery entails.

Understanding Fat transfer Surgery

This procedure is also called “fat graft” or “lipomodelling”. The objective of a fat graft is to get rid of unwanted fat deposits from a particular part of the body such as the thigh or the tummy. This form of surgery is also used increase the size of another part of the body. In most cases, lipomodelling is used to increase the size of the breast or the buttocks.

Taking the Decision

Before you decide on a fat graft, you should consider a number of factors. This is because undergoing this form of surgery is a big decision. Think about all the alternatives to fat transfer surgery and the implications of this procedure before you go under the knife. This is because there are side effects and implications when you take this bold step. In addition, once you opt for a fat graft, you cannot undo the process. Below are some factors to consider before you go under the knife.

Consider the Surgeon’s Experience

One thing you should consider before any surgical procedure is the experience and the qualification of the specialist surgeon. It is not in your interest to patronize a medical expert who does not have the skills, training and experience to give you the best. If you identify an excellent surgeon who has the relevant experience and skills to give you the best, you should patronize this expert.

Steps in Fat transfer Surgery

The surgeon performs this procedure under local or general anesthetic. The following steps are involved in fat transfer surgery. First, the surgeon makes incisions in the skin and sucks out fat deposits using special tubes. The surgeon closes the stitches and separates the fat from other blood and other fluids. Once the fat has been prepared, the next step is to inject the fat into the area that is being treated. This procedure lasts an hour or two and you may even return home on the same day if the surgeon starts the procedure early in the morning. However, in some cases, you might stay the night in the hospital for post-surgical observation. If the doctor is treating a large area, you might require an extra session or two.

Benefits and Side Effects

The major benefit of this procedure is that you get a bigger butt or a fuller pair of breasts. If things go well, there should be no complications after this procedure. However, some of the side effects include some swelling, bruising, temporary numbness and small scars that fade with time.

Final Word

Fat transfer surgery is a relatively safe and useful procedure. Find a competent expert, like this fat transfer Michigan surgeon, and you will get excellent service.

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