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Feel Proud In Showcasing Your Beautiful Nails

Every woman wishes her nails to grow strong and fast. Nails not only make your hands beautiful but also reflect the condition of your general health. Nails and hair are made from the same protein, named keratin. Be aware that your fingernails grow faster compared to your toenails, though the growth is very slow. On an average, your fingernails grow nearly one-tenth of one inch every month. And sometimes it has been noticed that the growth is slower than this. There are several factors that largely contribute to your slow nail growth. They are the hormonal changes in your body, aging process, chemotherapy, health problems, nutritional deficiencies and several medications.

Faster nail growth is observed among children before puberty and expecting mothers. Poor and slow nail growth gets followed by breakage, splitting, brittle nails and several other problems of your nails. For your nails to grow faster and strong you need to eat a healthy diet and follow a proper nail care. Additionally, you can encourage nail growth with a few easy ordinary remedies and that too using some simple constituents. Visit https://duri.com/product-category/nail-growth/ for getting countless information on effective nail products from different brands.

Precautions that need to follow to make your nail long and strong

Growing strong and long nails involve a multi-step method. When you will take good care and protect your nails then certainly you will be able to grow them to your desired length. First and foremost thing that you need to do is stopping bad nail practices. Then only taking proper vitamins and manicuring your nails suitably will help you in growing long and strong nails. Following are some practices that you are required to follow:

  • Stop chewing your nails
  • Do not wear gels and acrylics
  • Don’t pick at your chipped nail polish
  • Don’t use your valuable nails as tools
  • Consume huge quantity of Vitamin H, also called biotin.
  • Eat foods containing folic acid
  • Intake plenty of Vitamin A
  • Consume sufficient Vitamin C
  • Care and shape for your base
  • Loosen your cuticles
  • Apply strengthening treatments

In addition, stop dieting. Dieting is extremely helpful to you for shedding weight but it makes the growth of your nails stop. If you notice that your nails are growing very slowly, then the matter could be that you have restricted too many calories. Again people who are on a strict vegetarian diet need to supplement their meals with more quantity of protein.

Effective home remedies related to nail growth

Prior to retiring to bed do smear your hands with warm olive oil. Massage softly for 5 minutes and wear cotton gloves thereafter. You need to do this one time every day. Additionally, mix ¼ cup of biological coconut oil, 4 drops of rosemary oil and ¼ cup honey. After combining them, warm this solution in your microwave oven for 20 seconds. Immerse your nails in the solution for 15 mins. For better results, follow this therapy once or twice in one week. You can also infuse your nails in freshly-made orange juice for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water, dry your hand and apply moisturizer. See https://duri.com/product-category/nail-growth/ for detailed facts about nails and nail care.

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