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Fine Testing for Erectile Dysfunction

For age, it is a physiological fact, when one gets older the erection becomes less spontaneous, longer to form, less firm, less durable, more fickle and often requires direct stimulation to occur. Nothing can be done but a healthy lifestyle can delay this development. The quality of the relationship can of course affect the excitement. Too much conflict, it can cause emotional blockages. Harmonious, it ensures emotional satisfaction but may become routine and affect sexual arousal that needs unforeseen if not new. Finally, in cases where loss of self-esteem is in the foreground, medications often produce dramatic results, provided the narcissistic injuries are not too deep. The use of the bluechew pill can be perfect here.

Sexuality: many unrealistic expectations

With an IPDE5, the man will find his erection and therefore confidence in him. Reassuring is often the first task of sexologists. Especially in an ambient speech that values ​​the notion of sexual performance. The slightest failure then maintains a vicious circle of negative representations. The anxiety of performance leads the man to have his attention focused on his erection, details the expert, but then it can no longer be on the erotic game. But one must be sure of oneself to share one’s desire, to carry it into the territory of the other.

In addition, stress and anxiety make erection harder to get because they stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. The fear of being out of order can break down. Sometimes the anxiety is so strong that it can even prevent the action of intracavernous injections. The position of the partner is not more comfortable. If she does everything to help the man regain his erection, it increases the pressure of performance. And if it understates that it does not matter, the man will feel misunderstood because for him ‘It’s serious!’.

  • Therapy helps put things back in their place. Many men have unrealistic expectations about sexuality. The pornographic films, made “with special effects” which many spectators are not aware of, maintain in the collective imagination the illusion of a male power almost inexhaustible far from everyday reality. In practice, the first reason that men and women cannot have sex more often is not lack of desire, but more prosaically fatigue.

A new treatment

The goal of the therapy is of course that the man finds a satisfactory erection but also to help him to move towards a more sensual and less genital sexuality which, in general, corresponds better to his partner. But for him, that does not mean that he has to give up his sexual behavior to sink into that of the other. We make an error of representation by extending to sexuality the equality between men and women in the cultural, social and professional sense. One confuses equality and identity. Men and women do not have the same anatomical sex, not the same physiology or the same hormones. An organic difference that has psychological repercussions: The man lives his sex as something outside and the woman lives his as something inside. This is perhaps what could facilitate the taking of the new treatment whose arrival on the market is imminent, Vitaros, since it is an external gel of prostaglandin. The man simply drops a drop of gel at the end of the glans at the level of the urinary orifice.

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