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Five Things You Should Purchase When Growing Old Gracefully.

 As we get older we realise that certain day to day activities are not as easy as they once used to be. Even if you have aged slowly but surely – you will come to understand that certain tasks will just never be as carefree as they were in your twenties.

So we have created a comprehensive guide: five things you should purchase when growing old gracefully.SPA

  1. A stairlift – we owe this wonderful invention to Henry VIII, stairlifts have evolved unrecognisably over the years, simply starting as a chair and rope that ‘goeth up and down.’ Thankfully it doesn’t require your servants to pull the rope anymore, you’ll be pleased to know. The first stairlift which most closely resembles the stairlift we know today was introduced in the 1920’s and was known as ‘The Inclinator.’ In the 1920’s they didn’t have curved stairlifts, but thankfully it’s 2017 and we have stairlifts to curl around bends and landings. Hoorah! Regardless of how elegant/curved/high your stairs are: Henry’s invention will come in handy! The stairlifts we see today are slim, compact and fold-away, a world away from the stair throne Henry was used too!
  2. Automatic jar opener – even teenagers have trouble opening those stubborn jars that just won’t come loose! It’s a gadget even your grandchildren will be impressed with. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the UK and it makes jar opening an impossible chore.SPA
  1. Swivel seat cushion – getting out of cars often seems far more difficult than getting in. The swivel cushion can be used in the car and on normal stationary chairs, turning the chair into a swivel chair – reducing the strain and pressure on your back and hips.SPA
  1. Pick up reacher – it’s always the things you really need (like the remote) that fall on the floor, you will never have to endure the same awful channel ever again. It is invaluable for people with back problems and diminishing co-ordination.SPA
  1. Grab bar/railGrab bars are handy in the shower, next to the bath, on the wall next to the toilet, and are unbelievably handy in lots of other places too. The bar will help you maintain your balance, lessen fatigue and it is something to grab onto in the event of a slip or fall. SPA

    Don’t be too proud to make your life easier. Growing old gracefully is all about maintaining quality of life and living your life as happily and healthily as possible. Reaching out for help sooner means your symptoms will worsen at a gentler rate, keeping you independent for longer.

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