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Getting in Shape: How Long Does it Take?

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You’ve seen the ads and the infomercials for exercise programs and machines that would help you get in shape in 6 weeks or less. Even though I’m skeptic about instant weight loss miracles, a small part of me wonders why I’m not getting in shape as fast as the models on the infomercials.

This post is by Europa Pharmacy a discussion on how long it takes to get in shape.

Can you get in shape in 6 weeks or less?

According to a study from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, the 25 sedentary volunteers who followed a 6 week intense exercise program either from Bowflex or Body for Life did not develop a flat stomach. As a matter of fact, the judges (of course this part is subjective) are unable to detect any increase or decrease in attractiveness after completing the intense exercise program.

So if you are looking to reveal flat abs in 6 weeks, then you are going to be disappointed (unless you are part of the microscopic percentage whose “results are not typical.”).

An intense 6 week exercise program might show you how to get in shape, but 6 weeks is too short to actually get you into shape for the average sedentary individual.

How long does it take for you to get in shape?

A University of Tokyo study showed that it would take 2 – 3 months to see any noticeable changes in muscle and fat composition following an intense 4 day a week workout. It would take an average individual 6 months or more to see similar changes from a sculpting program at the gym.

I’ve said this several times on this blog: you diet for weight loss, but you exercise to improve your health. While exercise burns calories both during the workout and afterwards, the amount of calories could easily be negate with a smoothie or a candy bar.

What is the point of exercising if not for weight loss?

Within 48 hours after exercising, your muscles starts using up more glucose than usual, which helps with your blood-sugar level. Within a few workout sessions, you will start to improve your insulin sensitivity as your body becomes more efficient with glucose removal. While your might not get in shape until months after you start exercising, you would get stronger and healthier long before the lean muscle shows up in your physical appearance.

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