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Getting Treatment for an Oxycontin Addiction


Dealing with intense and constant pain is not easy; the longer it continues for the harder it becomes to function normally.  In fact, you will start to feel exhausted as your body struggles to cope with the stress of dealing with this issue alongside the everyday functions.  The most obvious solution is a visit to your doctor where you will be prescribed with pain relief.

Unfortunately, many conditions such as bone issues, or even some cancers will result in this constant pain.  When you start to take the prescription drug you can have no idea that it is about to change your life drastically.  Of course, gaining an addiction to painkillers is not something which happens overnight but it is also something that you may not be aware of until it is too late.  Oxycontin is a particularly powerful drug which is often used by heroin addicts when they cannot locate any heroin.  It is known on the street as Oxy or Hillbilly heroin and can cause an array of long term health issues.  The biggest of these is the damage it can do to your personal relationships with family and friends; it is often the cause of divorce and even domestic abuse as your focus switches to where you can get your next hit from.

Fortunately, there are clinics which can provide you with the care and support you need to recover from this addiction and rebuild your life.  There are several key stages of the treatment these rehab clinics offer:


Before you can be accepted onto a program you must accept that you have an issue.  This can be one of the most difficult steps; even with your relationships breaking down you may struggle to see you have a problem.  However, it is essential to acknowledge the issue and want to have assistance dealing with it.  Without this you will never be ready to move on.


Most clinics will insist you stay within their rehab facilities.  This will ensure you are unable to feed your oxycontin addiction.  You will then either receive a slowly reducing amount of the drug to help remove your dependence.  Or, your oxycontin addiction will be considered severe enough to justify using a different drug which will replace the oxycontin and also slowly be reduced.


The rehab clinic will closely monitor your oxycontin addiction withdrawal to ensure you do not display excessive amounts of the withdrawal symptoms.  Your dose and treatment will be quickly altered if you do.  Standard withdrawal symptoms include flu like indications, increased anxiety, depression, nausea and even vomiting.  You are also likely to develop a fever and experience bone and muscle pain as the painkiller is removed from your system.

Many of these symptoms reflect the signs that you have the addiction which is why they must be carefully monitored.


Once you have successfully completed a course, the clinic will offer a comprehensive follow-up program to assist you.  This is designed to help you deal with life and any pain issues without resorting back to your oxycontin addiction.

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