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Great Utility and the Various Views of it For Piracetam

Piracetam is a perfect representative of the pharmacological group of nootropics. Its effectiveness is achieved due to the activity of the active substance of the same name. This component stimulates the brain. The process improves speech, memory and emotional state. In addition, Piracetam improves cerebral metabolism and restores the connections between the two parts of the brain. This results in increased blood circulation and the ability to concentrate and memorize. It is a fact that the drug does not have an obvious sedative effect on the central nervous system.

Nootropics are immediately absorbed from the digestive tract and spread to all nerve tissues. Its maximum concentration is observed in half an hour after administration of specific supplements like Piracetam. The drug is in the form of tablets, capsules and as a solution for injections.

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In the list of indications for the use of Piracetam are the following conditions, obvious memory disorders, emotional decline, decreased concentration, elderly age and learning disabilities in children. In addition, such an appointment is quite appropriate after trauma to the brain and ischemic stroke, with Alzheimer’s disease and chronic alcoholism. Among contraindications, it is important to distinguish hemorrhagic stroke as well as severe impairment of kidney function. It is not recommended to take Piracetam and with the increased sensitivity of the body to active substances.

Side effect and overdose of Piracetam

Despite the fact that this medication is imperceptibly transferred by the body the appearance of side effects is also not excluded in certain clinical pictures. So, on the part of the digestive organs, dyspepsia symptoms and sharp abdominal pain are extremely rare. In the central nervous system nervous irritability, unreasonable anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, limb tremor, migraine, and general weakness may manifest.

Instructions for use Piracetam

Piracetam is prescribed for adults for internal use and the daily dose is calculated from the ratio of 30-160 mg per kilogram of weight. But it must be divided into four approaches. More precise recommendations are given by a knowledgeable expert based on the diagnosis. Piracetam is permitted during pregnancy and lactation. But it is important to remember that its administration should proceed under the strict supervision of a specialist. In addition, because of its penetration through the placental barrier, it is appropriate to temporarily stop breastfeeding. The doctors cautiously prescribe Piracetam to patients with severe hemostasis disorder with surgical manipulations and complicated bleeding and also in case of severe kidney pathologies. In case of sleep disturbance, the evening dose should be timed to daytime.

Drug interaction

With the joint administration of thyroid hormones with medications, there is the progression of side effects from the central nervous system. In combination with CNS stimulators, there is an increase in psychomotor reactions. In combination with neuroleptics, there is an increase in extrapyramidal disorders.

Reviews of Piracetam

Reviews about specific supplements like Piracetam are the most opposite, however, they follow the following pattern, the drug is effective for minor disorders of the central nervous system. However, they are opined to be absolutely useless in the treatment of more serious pathologies. This is a vivid confirmation of this.

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