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Hidden Facts About Food

Contributed by Bodybuiling and Fitness Cookbook

Beware of fat hidden in foods that you would not expect. Salads are notorious for hidden fat because of the dressing. Salad dressing may contain up to 20 grams of fat per serving. Most people dump 3 or 4 servings of dressing on their salad. That turns a low fat, low calorie salad into a 800 calorie meal with about 80 grams of fat. That’s almost equivalent to a double cheeseburger. So you thought your salad was low calorie! For a low fat diet, here are the best ways to eat salads:

Use low fat or non fat dressing

Use Italian dressing which is low in calories and fat and available in most restaurants

Avoid creamy Italian dressing

If you must use regular dressing, use only half a serving (1 tablespoon). Request dressing on the side when eating in restaurant and put a half serving in yourself.

Sandwiches from restaurants are loaded with fat even though the meat may be low in calories and fat. Mayonnaise and cream sauces add a bunch of calories to a normally low calorie meal. As part of a low fat diet here are the best ways to keep your sandwich low in calories:

Avoid tuna sandwiches in restaurants which are loaded with fattening mayonnaise and average 700 calories and 50 grams of fat.

Make tuna sandwiches at home using light mayonnaise. Use tuna packed in water. The average tuna sandwich prepared like this is about 250 calories.

Avoid mayonnaise and sauces in all sandwiches and replace with light mayonnaise or mustard and vinegar.

Never use oil on sandwiches. That really adds calories and fat.

Use light or reduce calorie salad dressing for a great tasting sandwich

Avoid regular cheese. Use reduced fat cheese (less than 5 grams of fat per serving) Request light mayonnaise, Bar-B-Q sauce, or honey mustard sauce when eating sandwiches at fast food or restaurants

Pancakes and waffles are great tasting breakfast foods that are not high in calories and fat. Use light syrup or half the amount of regular pancake syrup.

Beware of any cream sauces. Alfredo sauce is the most fattening. Some Alfredo sauces have 400 calories and 38 grams of fat per half cup serving. Soups with a cream base like clam chowder are also high in calories and fat.

By making some slight modifications in your everyday meals, you to can implement a healthy low fat diet.

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