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How can Physiotherapy Minimize the Risk of Falls in Older People?

It has been found that at least one third of people over the age of 65 years fall not less than once every year, which is about 1 million older Australians annually. Though people of all ages and background fall now and then, the elderly people are more affected and might require hospitalization. Other than the physical injuries, that particular individual may also suffer from psychological effects.

Falls usually occur when there is mismatch between the physiological condition of a person, the environmental necessity and his/her individual behavior. And some people have more “risk factors” that are associated with falling. Luckily, most of these risky aspects can be controlled when undertaking proper physiotherapy in Perth.

Here is how a Physio can help with the issues that make older people more liable to falling,

  • Weakening leg muscles

It becomes more difficult to maintain muscle strength as we get old. So, older people have to put some effort in order to keep their muscles strong. But considering how we become less active over the time, the probability of muscle weakness increases. However, performing targeted exercise under the guidance of a qualified physio in Perth can help them improve their condition greatly.

  • Poor balance

If a person lacks adequate balance, there is an increased chance of falling. In some cases, poor balance was caused due to certain medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease or stroke. Even in these situations, relevant exercises can assist older people to regain their balance.

  • Walking issues

Some people have walking problems that could be attributed to pain, weakness, balance or any coordination impairment. When the walking is insufficient, it could also increase the risk of falling. In Perth physiotherapy specialist can help identify why a person has walking issues and could improve the way he/she walks by prescribing relevant exercises. By this way, physiotherapists provide an individual enough confidence to walk more. Sometimes, they even suggest proper walking aid to assist them.

  • Postural hypotension

It is a common condition in which a person feels lightheaded when he/she stands up suddenly and the blood pressure doesn’t adapt swiftly enough. Though it can be caused due to many reasons like medications and certain medical disorders, being less fit could also result in this condition. A physiotherapist would recommend cardio-vascular exercises that would enhance the general fitness of a patient, thus reducing the manifestation of postural hypotension.

  • Fear

People who suffer from basophobia (fear of falling) would avoid any kinds of physical activity and lose fitness. This could aggravate all the risk factors discussed above. By developing a training plan to reduce the risk of falling, a physio would help them to let go off their fear.

If you want to prevent your loved ones from falling, speak with a local physiotherapist and get them aid as soon as possible.

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