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How Floating in an Isolation Tank Can Reinvigorate and Soothe Your Soul

We live in an age where there are distractions all around us. Many of us are addicted to our smartphones and check on our emails and social media notifications every few minutes. We do all of this in an environment where wages have remained stagnant for many years, and the cost of living is higher than ever before. Sometimes, it just all gets too much, as we are bombarded with advertisements and chunks of bite sized news at all hours of the day.

The True Challenge of Our Age

In many ways, we live in an age of loneliness. We may be more digitally connected than ever before, and the Web has certainly made the world a smaller place, but the quality of our conversations and interactions is also lower than ever before. The Web is full of self-marketing and selfish noise. Most conversations are about how one can get ahead in this rat race, and it is all too easy to get lost in this sea and feel overwhelmed.

Given all of this noise and distraction, it is no wonder that people face increased stresses, social anxieties, and nervous breakdowns. The rate of mental illness has increased commensurate with our incapacity to connect meaningfully with one another, and many people are seeking alternative ways to relax and get out of the race for a while.

Getting Away from the Rat Race

Going on a holiday might be one way of getting away from it all and seeking some form of meaningful reality, but floating in an isolation tank is being seen by many people as a convenient way to find space in this noisy world. The good news is that finding an isolation tank in Perth is not difficult at all. Better yet, it is an affordable and quick way to escape the world for a few hours!

So, what are the benefits of floating in an isolation tank? Consider the following:

  • De-stress: One of the best reasons to use an isolation tank is because they have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and the levels of cortisol in the blood stream. Furthermore, an isolation tank also reduces the heart rate and promotes a deep relaxed state, both physically and mentally. Many people report that floating in a tank feels like floating in space. There is no noise, no outside distractions, and no other input. One is alone with their own body and their own thoughts. People who are receptive to such states of isolation can drastically reduce their anxiety and stress levels.
  • Reinvigoration: Floating in a tank can dramatically increase levels of creativity and introspection. With nothing to distract the mind, it can look inwards and consider alternatives to problems, and generate imaginative ideas.

In the age of loneliness, we need to find ways to de-stress and reduce our natural fight or flight responses. A few hours a week in an isolation tank can reinvigorate the body, the soul, and the mind.

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