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How IGF-1 Works and Benefits in Bodybuilding?

Why is IGF-1 important in bodybuilding? Insulin-like Growth Factor is naturally secreted in liver. It is regulated by your brains pituitary glands and hypothalamus. Hormone helps in protein synthesis, cellular metabolism, and functions of immune system. In addition, it even supports a lot of body cell functions and bio-chemical interactions.

Due to increase in age the IGF-1, which is a polypeptide hormone same to insulin decreases. Therefore, it is associated with decline in cell growth activity. This is the main reason why bodybuilders and athletes are taking interest in it. Therefore, they look for IGF-1 supplementation.

How to find IGF-1 supplementation?

Individuals looking for IGF supplementation need to look at supplements that help to boost pituitary gland performance. Naturally produced IGF-1 in the body holds approx. 70 amino acids. Similarly, the supplement you select needs to contain as many amino acids as possible.

Benefits and safety aspects of IGF-1 supplements

When bodybuilders use IGF-1, it promotes a lot of benefits like –

  • Trimming the fat
  • Improved lean mass quality
  • Boosts muscle growth and strength
  • Enhanced bone development
  • Perks up nerve conduction
  • Quick repairs of damaged nerve tissue

The micro tears due to power-lifting workouts not just get repaired but soon leads to great potential in muscle fiber development under the influence of IGF-1 supplements.

When you are taking steps to improve IGF-1 to boost your stamina and strength then add nutrients, which support pituitary glands, bone strengthening and liver. For example, you will need calcium for increasing the potency of bones, proteins for the muscle development, minerals, and vitamins to promote secretion of multiple glands.

How to maintain hormonal balance?

Hormonal balance is crucial. For bodybuilders aiming to offer a boost in their muscle gain, strength, stamina, and performance can find it frustrating to attain right hormonal balance.

Body has inbuilt capability to maintain sufficient chemical balances. In addition, the ratios of enzymes, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals liable for specific but some complicated body functions.

For example, vitamins and proteins are available in plenty through dairy products. High intake can possibly increase IGF-1 production. Using natural diet to increase IGF-1 is totally fine but too much can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Actually, excess calcium levels hinder vitamin D synthesis, which protects prostate gland.

IGF-1 supplement and side effects

When you are gaining knowledge about ways to increase IGF-1 then get to know the associated side effects. Natural ingredients are used in the supplementation but this does not mean they are free from side effects. High than normal IGF-1 levels in your body triggers negative effects like –

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Water retention
  • Risk of hypoglycemia condition
  • Acromegaly

Each user’s body is difference, so can experience different reactions related to benefits and negative effects.

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