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How to Remove Your Bad Food Habits?

 Dr. Courtney holmberg ND wants to share with you a few facts about the harmfulness of salt, white flower and sugar and how to take care of your body. There are persons in whom blood pressure does not vary depending on salt. If there is high blood pressure, salt intake should be reduced for several weeks and the condition should be monitored. If the value is not reduced, the doctor should precisely determine the cause of hypertension. As for salt as a food, dosing is individual, depending on how much we like it. It is recommended to use pink salt from the Himalayas because it is much richer than minerals compared to the regular one. If there is a certain health problem, such as, for example, with kidneys, use it only to the extent specified by the doctor.


Why is white flour not desirable?

Recommendations are changing according to research, and the latest ones say that because of calories, carbohydrates should be avoided, whose main source of cereals and cereal products. The reason is that our body retains all the amount of carbohydrates we bring with food and turns excess into fat. This does not mean that we should absolutely avoid cereals, but to be moderate. Any exaggeration brings more damage than benefits. If we already use flour, we need to choose the right one. White flour and its products should be avoided, prioritize flour and products from whole grains of cereals. White flour is not desirable because the cereal has been removed from the casing and contains many useful substances such as dietary fibers, vitamin B groups, proteins, minerals phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron.

Can pork meat be eaten during hot summer days?

The latest research suggests that pork fats are wrongly excluded from the diet, as it turned out that, in fact, the biggest culprits for obesity and high levels of fat in the body are carbohydrates. A moderate amount of pork fat will not harm anyone. However, the problem is that in pork fat is retained the largest amount of poison that animals bring through artificial foods, concentrates, medicines. In fact, everything you enter is deposited in the fatty tissue. The solution is a place from where you can buy meat from organically grown pigs. Sometimes this is almost an impossible mission, because animals are mostly fed poorly. But make sure you research the area until you find the right place to buy.

As you can assume there are many healthy alternatives you can use for flour, salt and sugar and make sure you maintain a good health. You can still use them in your food but in very limited quantities, and if you can manage to remove them completely, that will be the best decision you can possibly make. You will notice the difference in only a few days because you will be more refreshed, energetic and healthy.


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