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How to Use E-Cigarettes to Stop Smoking

Almost everyone knows that smoking tobacco cigarettes is detrimental for his or her health, but some people have trouble quitting. They may have tried substituting nicotine gum or nicotine patches or quitting outright, but nothing has worked. Another method for quitting smoking that some people have had success with is switching to electronic cigarettes.


There are up to 4,000 known chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, including dozens of carcinogens, which affect both the smoker and anyone around him or her. Fortunately, the e-liquids used in e-cigs do not contain any of these chemicals and have not been linked to major diseases as have tobacco cigarettes.

Switching to Quit

There are several benefits to using electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. One reason some people have trouble quitting is they miss the habit even though it is bad for them. Fortunately, by switching to e-cigs, you can still enjoy the pleasure of smoking without exposing yourself and others to the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes.

Most people get hooked on smoking because of the nicotine contained in cigarettes so it can be very difficult for them to quit. However, you can buy e-juice containing nicotine so you won’t suffer from withdrawals and not expose yourself to harmful chemicals. The nicotine in e-juice comes in varying strengths so you can use it to stop smoking altogether by stepping down the amount of nicotine you use.

Step Down Method

Using an electronic cigarette can help you quit smoking, but it isn’t an overnight process. It could take several weeks or months to completely quit if that’s your goal. You can start the process when you make the switch to e-cigarettes by selecting an e-liquid with the same level of nicotine you’re smoking now. So, if you’re used to smoking extra strength cigarettes, you would buy e-liquid containing the highest level of nicotine, which can be 26mg.

You would use e-liquids with this strength for about six to eight weeks, then step down its strength. The next level would be an e-liquid containing approximately 18mg nicotine, which you would again use for six to eight weeks and step down again. You would continue this process until you were buying e-liquids containing no nicotine at all.

Once you start using 0mg nicotine e-liquids, you can decide to continue using e-cigarettes or quit vaping. Since you’re no longer using nicotine, you won’t experience any cravings and withdrawal symptoms as you would when using it. While it can take four or five months to achieve the results you want, you may never have the desire to smoke again.

Save Money

Another motivation to stop smoking is the cost. With increased taxes on cigarettes, they can cost up to £9.60 for a 20-pack and the price is expected to climb much higher. However, a 20ml bottle of e-liquid costs about the same but it can yield up to 400 “smokes”. Along with preventing cancer, COPD, and other serious health problems for you and others around you, smoking e-cigarettes can help save you money as well.

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