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Improve you mental health through online counseling – Finding the cure

Mental health is the fundamental part of our entire well-being. As per what the World Health Organization has to say, there can be no health without proper mental health. Mental health is the ultimate source of individual and collective ability as people to reach out to the full potential. It is through our mental health that we can refer to the way in which we can stay watchful about our own capabilities and can also cope with life’s ups and downs.

There are few facts like prolonged stress, genetics, traumatic situations and physical illnesses which have an impact on our emotional and mental well-being. Reports reveal that 1 among 4 people experience mental health issues once in every year. Talking to an e-counselor from e-counseling.com can help you to a certain extent. Read on to know more on mental health issues.

Statistics on mental health

The statistics on mental health that you will read below provide you with an insight into the nature of the issues throughout the world.

  • Problems related to mental health have an impact on 450 million people in the world
  • 1 among 6 adults experience noteworthy mental health issues every year
  • 1 among 10 children between the age of 5 and 16 have a mental health disorder that has been clinically diagnosed
  • Anxiety impacts 5.7 among 100 people
  • Depression has an impact on 2.6 among 100 people
  • More women rather than men have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression
  • Mental health among male has become a growing concern in the nation

Different kinds of mental health issues

Issues on mental health can have a huge impact on the way you think, behave and feel. Problems can range from regular worries which we all have from one time to time, to serious long-term issues which need treatment to effectively manage everything. As per MHF or Mental Health Foundation, there are 2 types of mental health issues, the categories are psychotic and neurotic symptoms.

The Neurotic symptoms

Individuals that have common issues related to health are likely to get neurotic symptoms. There are different versions of usual emotions like sadness, stress and anxiety. If these emotions begin to impact your regular life, this might become a sign of recurring mental health issues. If you mistake issues regarding your mental health and dismiss them as natural traits, this can lead to bigger problems.

The Psychotic symptoms

There are other mental health issues like psychotic symptoms but these are not too common. Around 2 among 100 people in the UK have psychosis and the symptoms interfere with the perception of a person and can lead to hallucinations. Speak with your e-counselor if you’re concerned about yourself or about someone you know.

Therefore, as we see that mental health is closely intertwined with overall health, take immediate steps to cure mental health issues so that you can stay on top of your health.

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