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Is Hair Transplant an Effective Hair Thinning Treatment

The procedure of hair transplant is performed to get over the problem of hair loss/baldness permanently. This is the single plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure that is well-accepted in the field of hair restoration in order to regenerate the original hair roots with all natural effect. Mostly, the hair loss patients proceed to take the restoration procedure in order to re-achieve the original looks and beauty and that’s why it is a topmost demandable cosmetic surgical procedure. The hair transplant in Delhi has comparatively high demand in comparison to other state and city in India. The patients not only Indians, but overseas patients also take interest in receiving the hair transplant in India as the hair transplant cost is significantly less over there.

The hair transplant is performed by the expert Surgeon as the procedure involves an extreme sense of artistic skills in order to offer the quite natural hairline design. The procedure is applied to resolve the problem of baldness that can be presented due to the Androgenic alopecia, Alopecia areata, or Telogen effluvium.

No matter, what the reason is there, but an effective treatment can only be possible with the restoration of hair. If a patient is affected by the Genetic baldness or Androgenic alopecia, the symptoms of hair loss are presented by the severe hair loss in which hair thinning with receding hairlines is very predominant. If you are a candidate for genetic hair loss, must evaluate your scalp firstly from your side and mark that what type of loss you are facing actually. The symptoms and signs of hair loss determine your type of loss and help in receiving the effective treatment like hair transplantation.

Since the hair thinning is a sign of genetic hair loss and affects both men and women, the only solution to hair transplant is effective to cure the grade of particular NW baldness.

The Sign & Symptoms of Genetic Hair Loss/Androgenic alopecia:

  • Progressive hair loss occurs that may extend up to the highest grade of NW-VII baldness
  • Hairline recession occurs with affecting the top and frontal area of the scalp
  • The crown and mid-crown area also gets affected
  • Severe hair thinning occurs by affecting the forehead and crown area
  • Hair falls suddenly or in clumps
  • Presents the male pattern baldness in men and women pattern baldness in females

How Hair Transplant is an Effective Solution:

  • It regenerates the original hair roots
  • It gives the permanent hair roots by shifting process of hair root that is targeted from the DHT-resistant zone of the scalp, i.e., the back & side portion
  • The transplanted hair is patient’s own hair that remains forever on the scalp once they are transplanted and live like normal hair
  • The transplanted hair receives the same color, caliber, texture, and length status like the normal hair
  • The transplanted hair can cut, shave, trim, or color as according to your wish and expectations.


Summarizing all, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant always gives the best outcomes in terms of permanent hair roots and can be applied in almost all cases of hair loss if looks get affected. The solution to resolve the baldness problem is greatly influenced by the on demanding needs of cosmetic surgery procedure that is compatible to groom your looks and personality.

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