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Is Poland the new Turkey when it comes to Affordable Cosmetic Surgery?

Having Surgery in Poland

Medical tourism in Poland in the recent past has been on the increase. There are a number of factors that have to lead to this increase, availability to well established medical professionals, increased budget flights to Poland especially from countries like Britain and Germany where surgery is not as affordable, increased awareness of the medical services offered in Poland and last but certainly not least the affordable cost of cosmetic and other type of surgeries in Poland.

Medical tourism in Poland began to increase in the year 2003, now people from all over the world travel to Poland to have their cosmetic and dental surgeries done privately in Poland. There has been an increase in the number of medical procedures being done in Poland. Medical practitioners in Poland enjoy an excellent reputation internationally.

Plastic Surgery in Poland
Poland offers very high-quality cosmetic surgery that will cost you two to three times the amount that you would pay in most other European countries. Major cosmetic procedures offered in Poland. For more information on cosmetic procedures offered in Poland visit


Tummy tuck: This a surgery that is performed with the intention of removing excess fat from one’s belly. the procedure involves removal of excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tightening of the stomach muscles. It would also require on average a five-day stay in the hospital.

Facelift: This is a surgical procedure that is performed in the older population looking to look younger. It involves relaxation of the skin on your face to improve sagging, removing excess skin and fat on your neck that can make you look like you have a double chin and replacing the fat that may have fallen or disappeared. The procedure would require a five-day stay in the hospital.

Breast Enlargement: This procedure is commonly known as ‘boob job’. The procedure involves the use of breast implants or transfer of fat to enhance your breasts. You would be required to spend at least three days in the hospital.

Nose Surgery: This surgery is performed on the nose to improve its function or improve its appearance by changing the shape. The surgery may be necessary due to medical reasons such as breathing problems or to correct disfigurement that may be as a result of a birth defect or a trauma. You will also be required to spend at least five days in the hospital.

Treatment packages
Most treatment packages will include: a consultation with a professional surgeon where you explain what your concerns are and you and your surgeon determine the best course of action, Preoperative tests that will include a blood, urine and ECG tests where necessary, a full medical examination that will look for any underlying issues that can affect the surgery, the cosmetic surgery procedure, medication post-surgery, postoperative treatments and surgical wear and dressing of the wound.
For more information on cosmetic surgeries and procedures in Poland visit https://europesurgery.co.uk/

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