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Is Sedentary Lifestyle Good for You?

The idea that sitting can be bad for you seems quite ridiculous at first, right? But the truth is that sitting and even lying for a long time can actually damage your body in numerous ways. According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, it can be just as dangerous as being overweight.

One in four adults is not moving enough, and even if you think that you’re an active person, you might be wrong. You might be just spending too much of your time in front of a computer or TV instead of being at the gym and working out.

You probably already know that sedentary lifestyle is not good for your heart and your muscles, but there are some other things you should also worry about.

Risk of cancer

According to German scientists (and German scientist are rarely wrong) sitting on your butt all day long increases your chance of getting several types of cancer. Those who sit more than they should have a bigger chance of getting colon cancer, endometrial cancer and even lung cancer. Why does this happen? The answer is rather simple.

Sitting all day long paves the road to obesity, and high levels of body fat increase your chance of getting cancer. Chronic inflammation attacks your body cells, and that leads to DNA damage over time.

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Mood swings

Do you feel nervous, tired, restless or even hopeless? Well, blame your chair for that. People who spend more than three hours in their chairs will almost certainly experience some kind of psychological distress.

What’s even worse is that not just sitting is bad for you. If you’re playing video games or if you’re invested emotionally into a TV show you’re watching (we’re looking at you Game of Thrones), you might even develop anxiety.

These mood swings will go away if you start doing what you hate the most – exercise. Exercising is good for your body, because when you do, your body starts producing hormones called endorphins, which are responsible for your mood.

If you’re feeling down and you want to feel better, start working out before you go to see a doctor to get those anti-depressants.

Blood sugar levels

Even if you’re not overweight, there’s a big chance your blood sugar levels will spike because of your sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary adults have a higher blood sugar level than those who are active, and if they don’t start working out, they just might turn their prediabetes into diabetes.

Start moving more and start avoiding all those snacks you’re munching while you’re working or watching TV in order to prevent diabetes.

Eye strain

Eye strain is a condition also known as asthenopia and it usually manifest itself through fatigue, pain and blurred vision, especially in those people who sit a lot. Let’s be honest here, anyone who’s spending too much time in a chair is probably doing that in front of a big screen. So, even though sitting isn’t to blame directly here, it certainly plays an important part – just ask any optometrist in Broadway and you’ll hear the same.

Sex life

Yup, your sex life will suffer and not because you’re watching something you shouldn’t while you’re sitting. According to a Harvard study, those men who have bigger bellies (and those are the ones who are sitting all day long and not working out) have a bigger chance of having erectile dysfunction.

If this doesn’t get you out of that chair – nothing will.

You don’t need to start working out like a pro athlete right now, but if you want to stay healthy and live a long and happy life, then you really need to get your butt off that chair. Fit at least three hours of moderate exercise into your week schedule, and you’ll start reaping the benefits of it in a couple of days.

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