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Know About Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages and Stay Protected

In these days, people are undergoing breast augmentation to alter the size and shape of the breast. The breast augmentation is one of the cosmetic surgery methods in which the surgeon implants the breast based on your need.

The breast augmentation must be done with much care to obtain long-term benefits. After the completion of breast augmentation, you have to follow some guidelines to protect you from complications.

Generally, it takes a few weeks to be recovered from breast augmentation surgery. Read this article to know about the breast augmentation recovery stages.

Recovery Stage of Breast Augmentation

The recovery stage of breast augmentation depends on the surgical method and the ability of your body. You must adopt the right method in the recovery stage in order to obtain the best results of the breast augmentation.

First Day of the Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation surgery takes from two to three hours to complete it successfully. The patient is injected with general anesthesia and so, they have to come out from the stage. At this stage, the patient requires more sleep and so they have to position at 30 degrees on the back. As there will be swelling, it’s better to place a pillow to the patient’s body.

Second Day after Breast Augmentation Surgery

The second day is an important part of the Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages when you have to start the caring process. The patient has to wear the medical compression bra that comes with incision covering bandage.

This helps the patient reduce the swelling and protect the stretches by eliminating the movement of breasts. The patient tends to have the pain and swelling in the breast area and so, they will be provided with necessary medications.

The medications have to be followed for the first week of the post-surgery. It’s better to check up the breast-augmented area to know all the things are going right or not.

First Week of Post-Surgery

During the recovery period patient should keep wearing the compression bra. They might have the feel of large and high breasts after the surgery. In the first week of the post-surgery patient would have occasional pain and feel hard. If you suffer from fever or more swelling, you should make your visit to the surgeon.

Two to Six Weeks after Breast Augmentation

In the third week of the post-surgery, the patient can start doing mild exercises. It will be painful at the starting stage and so the breast should be handled gently. In addition to this, the patient has to bear the pain in the first menstrual period of the post-surgery.

The patient must avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking until the breast is healed properly. You should protect the breast from direct exposure of the sun.

Thus, these are the best ways involved in the recovery stage of breast augmentation. You can adopt these methods and the suggestion provided by your surgeon while you’re at the Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages after the surgery.

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