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Know More about Human Growth Hormone? How does the Synthetic HGH Help?

Human growth hormone is secreted naturally in the testicles or testes in male. Pituitary gland is accountable for human growth hormone production. It is also responsible for many hormone secretions in the body and human growth hormone is one of them.

Pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles work together and are responsible for secretion of growth hormone in our body. Hypothalamus passes on the message to pituitary gland, if the production is low and then the message is again forwarded by the pituitary gland to testicle for human growth hormone production. If any of the glands is affected then there is deficiency in the testosterone production.

These hormones are then passed on to every organ and tissues of our body for functioning. The human growth hormone is secreted when the child reaches adolescence, which is responsible for increase in facial hair, deepening of voice, increase in muscle mass and increase in sex drive etc. However, as we grow older, it is responsible for the well-being and good health. After every decade is passed on there is a decrease in natural secretion of testosterone level.

Human growth hormone secretion is also known as HGH. HGH is also responsible for the well-being of tissue, muscle and bone. Pituitary gland is a major gland in the endocrine system along with pancreas, thyroid, ovaries and testicles etc.

Know more about synthetic HGH and low testosterone level.

As mentioned earlier if any of the glands is affected then the natural production of human growth hormone will be affected. In case, you notice any of the symptoms like decrease in sex drive, sudden increase in body weight, weakness etc. then it is advisable to immediately visit your doctor for emergency checkup. Doctors will only prescribe these synthetic HGH to those only after thorough checkup and test.

Synthetic human growth hormones are available in injection and supplement form. It is illegal to sell these steroids without proper medical prescription as it contains many side effects. Doctors will keep a regular watch and monitor the body reaction after consumption.

Body builders and athletes are more favorable towards HGH with Testosterone boosters for enhancing their muscle mass and to increase their stamina. However, these athletes and body builders tend to neglect the side effects it causes. It is advisable to be careful about the dosage as excess dosage will cause life treating side effects, so it is always better to think wise and be alert.

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