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Lost Your Tooth? Are You A Good Candidate To Have Dental Implants?

Lost a tooth in an accident? No worries! Dental implants are your greatest choice to replace them. It consists of a metal post that is surgically embedded in your jawline and allowed to fuse with the jaw bone. It is then left for some days until the bone, and the tissues around the post grow over the implant making it strong enough to support the artificial tooth, mounted over it, that can be used just like your natural teeth. Though dental implants cost in Sydney are affordable, and it is the best solution to replace a missing tooth, not everyone is suited to have them. There are some factors you should possess in order to have teeth implants in Sydney.

Oral Conditions To Be Checked Before Going For An Implant:

  1. Good Bone Density:

As the implants are fixed to your jawbone, there must be sufficient depth and width of the bone available to cover and hold the implant in place. If your bone is not thick enough to hold the implant, your dentist would suggest you a bone graft to increase its volume before going for an implant.

  1. Good Gums:

Though the implants are made of titanium metal which cannot be decayed like natural teeth, they are vulnerable to peri-implantitis. This disease affects the gum and the tissues surrounding and beneath the implant causing it to lose and fall out. So, your dentist will examine your gum health before going for an implant.

  1. Oral Health:

You must possess good oral health to have your implant for a lifetime. It is vital that a candidate’s oral health is maintained at a high level. Bad oral hygiene can result in many other oral problems including gum disease.

  1. Patience:

Apart from oral aspects, patients need to understand that affordable dental implants in Sydney are not a quick fix solution to their problems. It takes much time depending on the complexity of the situation and your healing ability at various stages. For instance, if a patient needs a bone graft, then first the grafting is done and it is allowed to fuse with the surroundings before starting teeth implantation procedure.

These are oral conditions that have to be first treated before going in for the implant. But there are also some other general factors that can make a person unfit for a dental implant.

General Conditions That Make A Person Bad Candidate For Teeth Implant:

  • Chain smoking – smoking hinders healing of the implant wound, it can result in failure of the implant.
  • People addicted to alcohol, or other substances will not be able to follow the doctor’s instructions like no drinking or returning for follow-up’s resulting in implant failure.
  • Cancer patients who had received radiation therapy on the head or neck.
  • People with systemic problems or chronic diseases including immune deficiency, haemophilia, uncontrolled diabetes or connective tissue disease.
  • People who take immune suppressor drugs.
  • People who severely grind their teeth, exerting pressure on the implant resulting in its failure.

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