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Macujo Method Hair Detox – Shampoo for Marijuana

Imagine that you have to pass a hair follicle drug test due to pre-employment process for a dream job that you found out about. In case that you are sober and clean, you do not have to worry, but if you enjoy partying that could be problematic for you.

However, you can find ways to pass a hair test with ease so that you can improve your stats of passing. This particular method is known as the Macujo Method and it is one of the most prominent ways of cleansing THC.

The main problem with it is the percentage of success, which may take you into a risk, because chances are that you are going to pass, but you can always fail as well.

It is simple to conduct and you should click here to learn where to find the most important ingredient: detox shampoo. Of course, it is important to stop with consumption altogether so that you can make sure that you are completely clean. The less THC you ingested, the faster it will be to detoxify your hair and that is a fact you have to remember.

Let us start from the beginning:

What Is Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The first thing that you should know is that analysis requires tiny parts of your hair as sample that administrators will analyze for drug content.

Have in mind that standard for this analysis is taking approximately 1.5 inches of hair from your head, but if you are bold, they can take from other parts of your body as well.

Hair is the example of what we did throughout our lifetime. Therefore, everything we ingest and consume will show itself when it starts growing from follicles. Everything happens because bloodstream is passing through follicles leaving drug metabolites such as THC-COOH.

When compared with other drug tests that are commonly performed such as urinalysis, hair analysis is more expensive solution, which was the main reason why employers neglected them in the first place.

What makes it different than other tests such as urinalysis is that you will be able to check out drug use over the last three months, which is not the case with other tests on the market. The best ways to learn what is hair follicle is by clicking here.

Therefore, hair tests are great because everything that enters your bloodstream throughout that time will be transparent, so even if you do not have traces in urine or blood, you will fail it.

Therefore, if you are a regular user of cannabis for instance, that will show up on the test. At the same time, you will not be able to consume any food, substances, supplements and pills that will help you cleanse your hair from the inside.

That is why Macujo Method is efficient way because you will cleanse your hair from the outside. Note that if you have consumed weed a few days ago, it will not show up on a drug test because it requires between seven and ten days for your new hair to start growing with illicit compounds.

How Does It Work?

The main goal of the Macujo Method is to help you strip all toxins from your hair as well as drug traces that may affect the screening process.

The idea is to understand how substances are affecting your hair, and that will help you understand why ingredients that you use are vital for the procedure.

Everything is based on pH levels. The basic chemistry teaches us that alkalines or bases have pH levels above seven. When you reach this particular point, it is letting other substances enter inside.

Most commercial dyes feature small bits of bases because that way you can apply color without any additional hassle. On the other hand, acids feature pH levels that are below seven, and these substances will help you make it shiny and soft.

That is why you should use ingredients such as detox shampoo, liquid detergent, shampoo with salicylic acid and vinegar. The most important ingredient, which you cannot do without, is Toxin Rid detox shampoo.

Check out this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEYdkUUVJ0s to learn the exact procedure for the Macujo Method.

The idea is to start with acids, which is why the procedure starts by applying vinegar and massaging your scalp at least ten minutes. Soon afterward, you should apply salicylic shampoo and be as thorough as you can.

After waiting 45 minutes with shower cap, you should apply Toxin Rid shampoo at least two times to be successful. Finally, you should add detergent, which is the final step of the process.

It is vital to be extra careful when it comes to protecting your eyes, ears and face because these chemicals can cause painful reactions and irritations as well. You should repeat this particular procedure at least five times before the screening date arrives.

It is simple as that.



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