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Master Cleanse – Lemonade Water Detox Diet- Effective Recipe For Weight-loss

Lemonade Master Cleanse diet has been a talk of town for a long time now. It is one of the most recommended diets for losing fat easily. Many doctors and dieticians have been laying a lot of emphasis on this ever since celebrities started benefiting from this diet. Beyonce, Jared Leto, and other celebrities have been practising this diet plan to get a desired body shape for a specific role. If you’re unfamiliar with this diet, then here is the introduction to is basics of the Master Cleanse.

Objectives of practising the Lemonade Diet

  • To remove toxins that have stored in the body in order to melt the fat.
  • To cleanse the digestive system and kidneys.
  • To purify the glands and cells
  • To remove the crystallized salt from your joints
  • To eradicate irritation and pressure in the blood vessels, arteries, and nerves.
  • To form a clean blood stream
  • To maintain the elasticity of the skin

What Is the Master Cleanse detox?

The one who wants to follow lemonade master cleanse has to consume the specific liquids for 10 days. Through the course of these days, the body loses all the extra toxins accumulated in the body and the person can then begin the normal diet gradually. Lemonade master cleanse has three components.  This practice is also recommended by doctors in various Ayurvedic and Naturepathy treatments. Some cosmetic surgeons also recommend detox for skin conditions or as a part of long term treatment.

Ease-In and Ease-Out:

Ease-In: One has to be mentally and physically prepared before starting the diet and detoxification phase. The best way to ease in is by removing processed food from your daily diet.
On the second day of preparation, introduce liquids like soups, broth, and juices in your diet. Have orange juice and water on the third day.

Though these steps can be avoided yet it has been proven that these steps make the diet easier.

Ease-Out: Ease out is the opposite of ease in and it helps you get used to the regular food again after the diet. After the completion of the diet, you have to take just plain water and orange juice on the first day. On the second day have soup, broth and juices and on the third day introduce fruits, vegetables etc.


The Lemonade Diet:

The second component is the diet itself and you have to take only lemonade created with specific ingredients for ten days. This simple detox programme can help you lose weight and feel great about yourself in just ten days.

Everyday Detox:

After that you have to include The Salt Water Flush and Detox Tea in your diet on regular basis. This simple everyday detox can help eliminate waste accumulated from consuming processed food.

How to Make Lemonade Diet Detox water

Master Cleanse- Lemon Detox Recipe

Mix the ingredients mentioned below in a container

  1. 2 TBSP freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. 2 TBSP pure Grade B maple syrup.
  3. 1/10 TSP of cayenne pepper powder
  4. 8 OZ warm water (purified or spring)

If it is hard to find grade B maple syrup then you can also take Molasses and Agave Nectar. Both of them are low in glycemic index hence they are also recommended for diabetics planning to perform this diet. However, the original version should be followed as much as possible. Cayenne pepper can be replaced with any other pepper / chilli with SHU reading between 30,000 – 50,000. Slightly higher values are also useful as long as you don’t find it too hot for your palate.

Dietary restrictions while being on Lemon Detox Diet

Lemonade Diet: What Can I Eat?

A person who is following this diet is not allowed to take solid food during the ten days period. In order to get the desired results, it is important to be on the suggested diet for ten days.

Master Cleanse Diet: Am I allowed to eat Fruit?

As mentioned earlier, no solid food is allowed and not event fruits. The fruit cannot be consumed in any form whether solid, pulp or fruit fibre.

What Else Can I Drink While On This Diet?

When it comes to liquid, one can also take peppermint teas as they do not constrain the effectiveness of the cleanse. Mint tea, in fact, has amazing purification properties and hence they can be quite beneficial for the detox process. However, no other supplements are allowed to be consumes during the diet. One should stick to the suggested diet to get maximum benefit and best possible results. Also, it is advised that the person stops all other non-regimented liquid intake considering that the diet is designed to cleanse the body from toxins.


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