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Natural Super Soil and the Cannabis

The land where cannabis grows is one of the essential factors in the development of a healthy and prosperous plant. Thus, you will prepare an enriched “soil” that will process the roots and plants with optimal nutrition and lead to a rich and fragrant colour.

A guide for beginners

Like any other plant, Cannabis also begins its journey from a small seed that has germinated in the soil. It grows and grows branches, leaves and, finally, flowers. But it is its hidden part, underground roots, which are of great importance for excellent growth. Providing a comfortable environment with ideal conditions for the roots is an essential factor for manufacturers wanting rapid growth and abundant production. Now let us come to the matter of Natural Super Soil.

The role of Earth

The anchor is a purely technical role. The purpose of the roots is to hold the stem of the plant and provide it with the support that will allow it to stand upright and develop height and width. Most of the land used to grow cannabis in the house contains Bases and Elements what enriches the plant with the necessary nutrients for its development. At the same time, it is recommended to combine the additives in the soil, which will upgrade and improve the substrate.

Super Soil

Before we move on to the task of modernising the land, let’s consider what is on most of the crèches in the market. The border is a partially compressed and rotten substance consisting mainly of plant remains and found in areas with alluvium or marshes. It has a high ability to retain water.  Inert material (detached, not chemically responsive to the environment) and porous of white granules (e.g., snow that is broken), has high water retention and a neutral acidity level. The grain structure creates air pockets that allow oxygen to be fed into the root zone.

Soil with perlite

Many natural and organic fibres are added to a mixture of earth derived from coconut shells. Sometimes, in hydroponic crops, Coconut is used as a medium for growth by itself or in combination with perlite.

How to make it?

Planting mixes are sold in nurseries at an average price of about NIS 35 per bag 50. These lands are undoubtedly sufficient for growing cannabis, but some breeders prefer to update the texture of the mixture and its nutritional values. To improve the texture and ventilation of the soil it can also be combined between 10% and 50% perlite. More perlite means more ventilated soil, but there is also a need for additional packages. There are many recommended recipes for preparing an enriched soil mixture, most of which are based on a combination of organic substances that improve the number of additives and nutrients in the substrate and increase the number of good bacteria in it.

Necessary equipment

Please note that most of the listed materials for Natural Super Soil are rarely used in here. But most of them can be ordered from abroad without difficulty. After all the ingredients have been introduced, it is necessary to make a very final and thorough mixing. It is recommended to “prepare” a mixture of compost style. It means that it stands for at least a month to improve the population of good bacteria in the soil. At this time, mix the mixture every two to three days and add a little water (which will add moisture, but will not make the soil absorbed).

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