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New gym membership? Here’s what to eat for weight loss

In order for your gym membership to really have an impact you have to make life changes. A huge part of your transformation includes new eating habits. As you progress in your fitness journey, you will learn more about how food works with or against your goals and body type. Until then, use this basic layout to start eating wholesome foods.

Green, leafy vegetables

Spinach and kale are among the best nutrient  sources from greens. You can get vitamin C, calcium and even protein from these lightweight foods.  Their low calorie, high fiber benefits make them beneficial for weight loss. They are also versatile enough for a healthy raw or cooked meal.

Omega 3s and DHA

These fatty acids are important for heart health and to control inflammation. Those functions are important for optimal performance and to prevent obesity.  Tuna and salmon are two types of low calorie foods high in lean protein that also provide Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA.

Avocados also provide these fatty acids, as they are chock full of healthy fat. In food preparation, we treat this gem like a vegetable versus the fruit that it is. Avocado is a great way to add fat to your diet without causing weight gain from extra calories.

Whole eggs

Have gotten a bad rep as being high in cholesterol, especially the yolk.  Eggs are actually a great source of nutrients, and the yolk is the best part. Eating eggs aids in weight loss by fulfilling protein needs and giving a sense of satisfaction throughout the day. This type of cholesterol is vital for your nutrition.

Whole grains

There are a few grains in the bunch that are good for you and will boost your effort to lose weight. Oats and quinoa are on that short list. Aside from being an excellent source of fiber, they can also reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. These two grains can help control your appetite and glucose levels. And quinoa is a source of vegetable protein.

Gyms in Portland with knowledgeable staff will tell you, nutrition is of upmost importance for a healthy lifestyle. Good food will fuel you with energy to workout and help burn calories to lose weight

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