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Orthopaedic Conditions That Require Spine Surgery by Dr. Ryan Shephard

Spine surgery is a foremost surgery that is time and again the most recent option for most surgeons due to the risks and complexity involved. Any slight accidents or mistakes can cause lasting paralysis of the body depending on the affected nerves in the spine. Surgeons will often advise different treatments such as physical therapy and medication and when left with no other alternatives will they decide on spine surgery.

With such high risks concerned, what are some orthopaedic situations that necessitate spinal surgery to be carried out by Dr. Ryan Shephard?

Herniated disc

A herniated disc takes place when one of the spinal discs in the vertebrae ruptures or slips, causing the soft disc materials to flow out of the disc. When the disc flows out, the material and movement can pinch on the surrounding nerves, causing numbness and pain. A discectomy will have to be carried out to get rid of this herniated disc that is pinching onto the nerve. A modern development with the help of Dr. Ryan Shephard is the microdiscectomy which uses high classification microscope to see better and is plainly persistent, lessening the risk.


Foraminotomy is performed to alleviate strain from an affected nerve in the vertebrae. This pressure is caused either by scar tissues, bone fragments, or surplus ligament development in the spinal area, causing it to press against the backbone and causing numbness and pain. Foraminotomy will open up the back where the nerve roots leave the spinal canal, lessening the probability of pinching.

Spinal fusion

As the name recommends, spinal fusion intends to join two or more vertebrae together to avert unnecessary movement which may pinch on the nerves. Loose vertebrae can push against the nerves during movement, causing numbness and pain. It will also avert the adjacent soft tissues from stretching. Spinal fusion is founded on the easy logic of ‘if it does not move, it does not hurt’. Similarly to welding in metals, spinal fusion will combine the backbone together. However, this process will decrease some suppleness in the spine but this is very negligible.

Artificial lumbar disc replacement

Artificial disc substitution is a new surgical process that uses man-made biomaterials to restore the affected intervertebral disc. The idea of the spinal disc is to mitigate the shock and allocate it consistently. Since the spinal discs do not restore as easily as one skin, biomaterials will have to be used to restore motion and flexibility.

Above are 4 orthopaedic conditions that charge the practice of spinal surgery done by Dr. Ryan Shephard. Although the risks are there, medical advances have considerably reduced the recovery time and risks. Nevertheless, the risks are still there and serious contemplation must be made before deciding on such major surgery and doctor as this.

A good orthopaedic clinic is too much ready to provide 24-hour emergency services. Pay attention that health screening is tremendously significant in the early detection of conditions and diseases which could cause disability or death. In addition, do be aware of the fact that a lifestyle associated with modern unhealthy living and stress could have a harmful impact on health.

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