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Overlooked Reason for Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, Cardiac Arrest, And Cancer

Let’s say true respite from stress, anxiety, and depression could not be present in an herbal viagra? Let’s say solution for migraines, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer could not be present in drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy?

Let’s say the vast amounts of dollars that people invest in the use of surgical and pharmaceutical cures is just managing signs and symptoms, as the cause of our mental-physical and emotional affilictions evades us? What as neglecting to address the real cause?


Whether you are conscious of it or otherwise, you may have a bias toward seeing everything when it comes to physical expected outcomes. Actually, this bias might be so ingrained, that you simply question the other possibility exists. In the end, is not this what we have learned from science in the last several centuries?

Let’s say this “decrease in something to material causes” is only a bias-and something that discounts the supply of mental-emotional stress and all sorts of illness? Let’s say, rather, physical signs and symptoms appear once they have manifested from the more primary layer of the being? Let’s say treating this more primary layer could cause real cures?

Actually, this view isn’t everything wild. It’s been recognized and documented for hundreds of years in Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine, plus healing traditions for example Qigong and Reiki.

In most these disciplines it’s recognized the supply of illness is based on the energetic dimension which is conveyed right through to the physical inside the bio-chemical, electro-magnetic, and ligament systems of the body.


Before you believe we are speaking about placebos and pseudo-science, are you aware that Reiki has become recognized as complementary treatment in additional than 800 hospitals within the U.S. alone? It is because it really works.

Reiki has well-documented research showing it improves patient sleep by 86 percent, reduces discomfort by 78 percent, and reduces anxiety up to 94 percent. Additionally, it’s been proven to improve speed of healing up to 50 %. Pretty outstanding for any simple type of “energy work.”

O.K. just how do you use it?

Reiki, Qigong, TCM, and Ayurvedic medicine start by seeing your body being an expression of the more primary subtle energy system. Health is caused by the graceful free-flow of subtle energy with the energy body. Disease starts with the disruption of one’s flow, with a few blockage or tension that triggers energy to get stagnant.

The reason for energy disruptions could be physical injuries which cause “emotional shock” for example from the vehicle accident or, more generally, those are the consequence of tensions brought on by mental stress and emotional trauma. When tension and stress overwhelm our capability to handle them well within the moment, they become stored as tension inside your “energy body.” These tensions disrupt energy flow. Left unresolved, with time, this is actually the seed that illness grows-whether that’s chronic anxiety, depression, migraines, digestive issues, cardiac arrest, or cancer.

Subtle energy techniques try to recognize, relax, and release that tension and restore the graceful flow of significant energy. Therefore enables your own body’s own self-healing mechanisms to return online so that your body can heal itself.

Now, this does not imply that there’s no use for drugs or surgery. These may be vital and existence-saving first measures. These may manage immediate existence-threatening signs and symptoms. However, to facilitate true healing, we have to focus on a dynamic level to revive the disposable flow of one’s which characterizes a healthy body.

Let’s say you can learn how to access this subtle energetic layer to facilitate your personal health insurance and well-being every day? Let’s say carrying this out could release layers of hysteria which have accrued inside your energy body through the years, dragging lower your time, mood, health, and vitality?

That’s the commitment of energy meditation. Be it through T’ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Reiki, or any other energy-based technique, this can be a effective road to release tension and stress, overcome mental-emotional blocks, and set the body on the road to true healing. Discover more within the Authors Resource Box below.

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