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Oxandrolone Review: The Effects and Benefits of Use

Oxandrolone is a generic name of an anabolic steroid that is popularly known as Anavar.  It has been used by people of the sporting community especially athletes and bodybuilders to get the right physique with minimum effort.  It is due to this reason that people use it to save time which otherwise they would have to spend exercising to get the best gains. Oxandrolone is an oral anabolic steroid that has been reported in many reviews by bodybuilders to promote lean muscle mass. It is important to know more about the different dosage and benefits of the drug to get the maximum result out of its use. How to use it? When to look for the side effects?



Oxandrolone is closely similar to the structure of the natural synthesising hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is an artificially synthesised form of the drug with a few modifications. The modification in the structure makes it more potent than the natural hormone. The modifications include an alkylation at the 17th carbon which makes it more resistant to degradation in the first passage through the liver. It also contains a carbon-2 replacement with oxygen at the A-ring of the compound increasing the anabolic property of the steroid.  Oxandrolone is milder than most of the other steroids and can be used effectively by both males as well as the female. Males have to use a large amount of anabolic to get the best gains. In females the scenario is quite different; a small dosage of the steroid is sufficient for them. It gives the user a toned body and look by way of effective fat loss. In fact, it is so successful that many female reviews for the weight loss program have Oxandrolone on the list.

Female effect of the anabolic

Female athletes like to use a steroid to get the desired physique just like their male counterparts does. Women are more responsive for a smaller dosage of the drug leading to the development of the body muscle at a lower concentration of the drug. In such a case, female use the drug in the range of the 5 mg to 10mg to get the best physique. It has been proven to increase the nitrogen retention and the protein synthesize in the body. It has been most effectively used for an increase in the body muscles giving them a toned look.  The best effect of the steroid can be obtained in a eight-week cycle with two or three doses per week.

Availability and side effects of the steroid

Anavar like most of the steroids have been restricted access as it is classified as a Schedule III substance in the U.S and many other countries. This has people turning to the online market to get it. It is important to ensure that the Anavar that you are obtaining is the original version and does not contain the counterfeit. In fact, it is a major issue when you are purchasing the Anavar from online sources. It is essential to verify the source of the steroid and manufacturer to avoid buying sub- standard products. It is important to know that though female reviews for weight loss recommend the use of this drug, it must be used carefully to prevent liver toxicity.

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