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Primobolan is hugely effective during the cutting periods

Primobolan is referred to as an anabolic steroid that possesses exceptional qualities. It is also popular by its chemical name, Methenolone and it is widely taken for cutting cycles. In fact, it is considered the second-best well-known drug used for cutting cycles after Trenbolone. This medication is obtainable in the injectable form as well as in the oral form. The injectable format of this medication is called MethenoloneEnanthate. The oral form of this medication is known byMethenolone Acetate. This medication is hugely popular because of its mild properties both in the form of an androgenic and anabolic compound.

It comprises of an anabolic rating of 88 in comparison to the anabolic strength of Testosterone which is 100. In fact, this medication is also weak regarding its androgenic rating. It has an anabolic ranking of nearly 44-57, whereas the testosterone’s androgenic ranking is again 100. The usage of this medication largely helps people suffering from severe weight loss and muscle wasting problems. However, it can also be used in treating osteoporosis and sarcopenia and due to its mild nature it can be used in children and infants as well. Users take Winstrol for using in cutting cycle with Primobolan and it turns out to be very effective.


Cycling this compound

The cycles of this medication are usually used for losing fat and cutting purposes. Users never take it for the purpose of bulking or gaining mass and it is used as a pre-contest compound during the final weeks prior to a competition or photo session. This medication is taken along with other compounds having identical properties, qualities and half-lives. There are numerous bodybuilders who stack this compound with Testosterone Propionate during the initial 8 weeks for muscle mass retention all through the low-calorie consumption periods. Some bodybuilders take the oral form of this medication in combination with drugs, like Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate.

Appropriate dosages

The dosages of this medication are dependent on the form you are taking. For medical purposes, 200mg is considered the initial dosage and you can take 100mg weekly to complete the full length of therapy. Further, the dosages are also determined based on the users’ medical condition. In this regard, the dosage varies from 100mg each 1-2 weeks to 200mg each 2-3 weeks. According to the medical guidelines, the oral dosages should be 100-150mg daily that stretchesfrom 6-8 weeks. For enhancing performance or for the purpose of bodybuilding, a beginner dosage of injections begins at 400mg weekly.

An intermediate injectable dosage runs at 400-700mg weekly which is considered sufficiently enough and a progressive user takes 800-1000mg each week. The female dosages are rather low and they are 50-100mg weekly. The oral dosage begins with 50-100mg daily which is considered good for the novice users. An intermediate user takes about 100-150mg daily and a progressive user takes 150-200mg daily. The female oral dosages are 50-70mg daily. The oral form is administered only one time daily and you are not required to break the dosages as the half-life of this medication is nearly 2-3 days. A cutting cycle with Primobolan helps you in preserving your muscle mass when you are on a dieting phase.

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