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Qsymia diet loss pill

Weight loss pills are always popular among many people. Many people who had not had their luck in shedding extra weight with diet and exercise opt to try diet loss pills. There are many people who had given positive reviews post their cycle and post their success stories. Weight loss supplements are popular among health care row now and almost being manufactured by many manufacturers. These pills come in steroid and non-steroid forms. Though these pills give us many benefit there is always word of caution issued as any of these pills when prolonged for long time or over usage can lead to disastrous side effects. Due to this problem most of these supplements are banned for usage in many countries without proper prescription.

How does this work?

Qsymia is one of the best diet loss pills available in the market. This pill does not have a strong marketing background hence many not be aware of this product. This product is combination of two powerful products – topiramate and phentermine.  While topiramate is used to prevent seizures phentermine is basically used as appetite suppressor. Topiramate is also a medicine prescribed for migraine which helps you to balance out the common headaches that occur due to lack of intake of food. However, this product is not for someone who looks to shed pounds of weight at single time. The ingredients in Qsymia works slowly but steadily and person can expect steady, slow weight loss over a period of time.


Dosages and benefits

This product is only the weight loss product accredited by FDA for weight loss that has two products. This drug is mostly available in pill and gives benefits of both weight loss and improves health condition. Most doctors prescribe this for weight loss and effects due to usage of this product is less. Qsymia comes in 3.75 mg pills which is ideal to give a start. This medication comes in form of extended release capsules. The product increases the amount of leptin an appetite regulating hormone and also known to increase energy. As the terms of usage and cycles will have to be prescribed by a certified physician after taking in to account your health condition. In most of the studies it is proved this product gives about 3-4% of weight loss when used steadily in 12-week cycle. This figure can be enhanced by in taking this product along with proper diet and exercise.

Side effects and word of caution

However, effective these pills may be there are few side effects being reported by prolonged users. As a thumb rule, pregnant women and nursing mothers will have to strictly stay away from this drug. It is reported that women who become pregnant while taking this medication is known to have child with many birth defects. If you see any symptoms of fast heartbeat, increased BP, trouble in sleeping, increased anxiety, constipation or dry mouth consult your physician and revisit your health condition and dosage immediately. It is a proven fact that the two main ingredients in Qsymia has been as effective as any other pills for weight loss. But the users should follow the prescribed dosages properly and eye out for any minor side effects they may encounter.

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