This is a latest drug in the market which is used for weight loss. It is a combo of Phen and topiramate. Phen does the work of suppressing the appetite whereas topiramate is an anticonvulsant. This medication is usually used for people suffering with obesity which may lead to type2 diabetes, hypertension, or increasing the cholesterol level in the body.

Dos and don’ts of qysmia

Breast feeding and pregnant women should refrain from taking qysmia. People with thyroid and glaucoma should avoid qysmia. Persons who are allergic to Phen should not ingest qysmia. If you under medication for other medical conditions it better not to take qysmiaas the interaction of these medicines can give serious repercussions to the health of the person.

The the trade name Qsymia capsules are to be stored from direct heat and moisture. The persons who have side effects should immediately consult the doctor and discontinue the use of qysmia.

Before taking qysmia consult your doctor and take a thorough medical check up.This medication is addictive in nature and hence non prescribed persons should not consume it. Qysmia not be stopped during the course and gradually lessen the dose. Otherwise it can cause seizures and convulsions. Persons with the history of kidney stones or kidney related ailments have to refrain from the use of qysmia.

Dosage of qysmia

Follow instructions on the label or the prescription of the doctor. Qysmia can be taken before or after food. Since it is in the capsule form it should neither be chewed nor crushed but swallowed whole. Qysmia causes dehydration in the body and hence advised to consume plenty of fluids to keep the kidney from forming stones, if the hydration level of the body dips the person will experience dizziness and loss of electrolytes in the body.

It has been observed that the person using this medication has lost 3% of his total body weight in the twelve weeks of usage which quite significant with the help of low calorie diet and regular exercise.

The initial dosage is one capsule a day for a period of two weeks in the morning. And the maintenance dosage with the increased power of the capsule as prescribed by the doctors for another 14 days, every morning one capsule.

How it works

This drug is approved by the FDA and tests have shown that it works for weight loss in obese people who will have a tendency to have weight related ailments. The actual mechanism of how it really works on the weight issues have not be found out yet.

Taking qysmia

If you skip a dosage don’t take an extra one but have one that is scheduled for the next dosage. If you mistakenly take an overdose please rush to the doctor as this may be life threatening.

Avoiding things while taking qysmia

Avoid the consumption of alcohol, smoking, narcotic drugs.

Don’t try on other diets and herbal medications while you are on qysmia.

Avoid fatty foods and sugary carb ridden foods.

Caffeinated products also cause dehydration so avoid them.

Do not miss out on the exercise part.

Do not strain the body than it can take.


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