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Read more about how drug addiction affects sexual health?

Drugs and sex are inter-related and is the most common topic in the media discussions or any other social event. Some people think that the drugs does not affect the sexual health at all but the reality is actually difficult to handle. The reality is that the drugs can offer the lifelong problems and serious diseases to the addict. The more interesting fact is that some of the diseases do not have any treatment plan or options. Some people says that sex and drugs are a good combination and they can enjoy the sex fully but it is temporary, not permanent. The permanent consequences are actually horrible. The addict can get into the legal issues which are difficult to deal with. For example, if someone had a huge amount of drugs then he can be in the lifelong problem. The lifelong problems include sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, prostitution, and sexual assault. According to a research, the cause behind the rape is excessive drug intake. If you are also a drug addict and suffering from any problems, you should get the assistance from the experienced professional.

The people have a serious effect on the libido. One of the biggest misconceptions is that drugs can increase the libido of the person. Although it is true if the medical practitioner has advised you to take such drugs but if you are using in an excessive amount and totally illegal way then it can surely affect your sexual health. Actually, drugs have negative impact on the libido. So read more to know it better.

Stress and emotional distress:

As the drugs are illegal (Not all), so it will be always attached with the stress and emotional distress. When the person is having enough stress then

Sexually transmitted diseases:

As the drug addict suffers from several medical conditions especially if someone is taking the drugs through injections. The person can transmit the diseases to the other partner. Some of the diseases are not curable, so the person has to suffer from the lifelong complications.


As addicts need money to purchase the drugs but if he/she does not have enough money then they can turn into the prostitution.

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