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Should Boomers Worry About Eye Diseases?

In a year where an estimated 2.8 million infant boomers will commemorate their 60th birthday, age-related eye disease has actually become an important health issue.

The Yaldo Eye Center reminds Americans 60 and older that early detection through a comprehensive eye exam can avoid or slow vision loss due to cataracts and other age-related eye illness, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

“Today’s 60-year-olds are more health mindful than 60-year-olds 20 years earlier,” stated Richard C. Edlow, O.D., AOA details and data committee chairman. “Being better informed about health risks, improved innovation and treatment options has actually not necessarily equated into consisting of routine eye examinations into their healthcare routine.”

The National Eye Institute approximates that over the next 30 years, the number of blind or visually impaired Americans will double. Some eye diseases have no signs in the early stages, when it is most important to assist slowly the progression of vision loss. Visit https://yaldoeyecenter.com/ for more info

The AOA established the Baby Boomer’s Checklist for Healthy Vision. Are you:

– Someone with diabetes, high blood pressure or any other systemic or chronic illness?

– At risk for specific systemic or eye diseases because of family history or other factors?

– Having more trouble checking out smaller sized type, such as books and newspapers?

– Experiencing regular head-aches after dealing with a computer system?

– Doing a lot of reading and other close work?

– Rubbing your eyes every now and again or having worn out or consuming eyes?

– Forgetting about a man or questions in your fringe (side) vision?

– Avoiding close work?

– Having problem driving at night?

– Experiencing regular near misses out on, mishaps or difficulty parking?

– Handling or utilizing chemicals, power tools or yard and garden equipment?

– Playing eye-risky games, for example, racquetball, softball or tennis?

– Experiencing problem with eye-hand-body coordination?

– Playing sports and having trouble evaluating ranges in between you, the ball or other items?

If you responded to yes to any question on the list, make certain to make a visit for a thorough eye evaluation. Even if you didn’t answer yes, always remember that signs of vision issues aren’t constantly obvious.

A detailed eye exam at the YaldoEyeCenter.com can assist avoid vision loss.

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